Republicans always campaign on lowering the national debt. That is always their number one rallying call. Watch one of their speeches, and when they say how “democrats love to spend, spend, spend”, the crowd gets so hyper, it’s like Romper Room!

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You don’t have to wake up too early to trick the typical republican voter. If you tell them something they want to hear, they’ll eat it up. There was a reason why Donald Trump, after being a democrat his entire voting life, decided to run as a republican. There was also a reason Donald Trump’s initial base of support was uneducated, from rural communities, and dirt poor. Such demographics were hopeful and desperate, the perfect ingredients to manipulate.

How far do you think Trump would’ve gotten as a democrat? He would have been laughed off stage!

During the campaign, Donald Trump went to those enormous rallies in Kentucky and Alabama. Lines of supporters waited in the snow and rain, just to get a ticket to be in Trump’s presence and admire his orange glow. Back then, everything he said made those crowds cheer. One promise he gave, was that if elected, he would eliminate the national debt.

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In 2017, Trump told the Washington Post, that he would eliminate the national dent in eight years. But since he took office, every single legislation action Trump has made has drastically risen the national debt.

His tax cuts were the biggest in America’s history. Add that to the spending increases, and our national debt is ballooning.

USAToday detailed Trump’s massive spending in his 2019 budget in a great article.

Defense spending – $80 billion more than 2017.

Infrastructure – $200 billion over ten years.

Opioid treatment – $10 billion.

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National Nuclear Security Administration – $2.2 billion.

Department of Commerce – A $600 million increase over 2017.

Department of Homeland Security – A $5.1 billion increase over 2017.

General Services Administration – A $1.8 billion increase over 2017. The additional money is going towards a real estate deal to purchase new Department of Homeland Security Headquarters in Washington.

Republican politicians always rile up their base by promising to lower the national debt. A big conservative sticking point is how democrats always SPEND SPEND SPEND. A look back at the past twenty years of political rule would illustrate something very interesting.

Every republican proudly adds the words “Fiscal Conservative” to their names. That title sure sounds good. But I don’t think it is very accurate.


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New York Times published this article that really tosses that argument on its head. In it, the author writes,

Every one of the last four Republican presidents has increased the deficit. Every one of the last three Democratic presidents has reduced the deficit.”

We should pity republican voters, cause they are so easy to trick. Just about everything Trump said to them during the campaign, like that he would eliminate the debt, was an outrageous lie! All he did was take away their benefits, and they still worship him!