For a third year in a row, Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort requested 61 additional visas for foreign workers. Nothing so unusual about that. It is his business. Trump will save a little money by hiring foreigners as opposed to Americans. But what makes it strange is the fact that Trump’s campaign slogan was “Hire American”. He assured his uneducated and unemployed base, that he was gonna get them all back to work. He actually wanted to impose fines against companies that hire Americans. Trump will get his base back to work, but he won’t be the one to hire them!

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Trump constantly rails against hiring foreigner workers. However, he only hires foreigner workers at his resorts, PoliticalHaze. He also makes all of his suits and ties on cheap Chinese assembly lines, CNN. His daughter follows his example to a tee. Ivanka tries to make herself out to be this strong women liberator. Meanwhile, she pays her Chinese female employees a whopping one dollar an hour to make her clothes, Forward. In fact, her Chinese shoe factory is one of the worst violators of labor laws in the area, USAToday.

You’d think Trump and family would hire Americans at least for the time that he is in office. Can’t be that financially crippling to have their merchandise crafted and their resorts employed by Americans, while he is president.

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The awesome PR he’d get would practically cover the offset immediately. Imagine Trump walking through his factories and speaking to the Americans that he hired – an injured army vet, a recovering addict, a mentally handicapped woman.

Another benefit for Trump if he hired Americans, would be that I couldn’t write this article.

Under labor law, Trump has to prove that there are not enough Americans who are willing to do the job, in order to get his H-2B visas. In other words, Trump has to first offer his jobs to Americans, and then prove that no one wants his jobs. According to the Washington Post, Tricky Trump hurdles this impediment by placing just two tiny classified ads for waiters.

The ad contains no phone number, no email, but a fax number! LOL!

When no one applies to these jobs, Trump gets his visas and hires his foreign workers.

The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Trump can do whatever he wants, and a third of the country will still be wrapped around his finger. He could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters would still worship him.