Say what you want about the president, but he is one crafty fellow. When you connect that adjective to someone as heartless as the president, the combination could be lethal. I am starting to pity Donald Trump’s kids. I am sure that was the first time that sentence has ever been written. Trump has avoided lots of illegal activity, by making his kids do the dirty work. As a result of their father, these kids are looking at very steep prison sentences!

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The Trump Organization’s global development team consisted of his lawyer Michael Cohen, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., according to the New Yorker. Trump Organization is a pretty huge company. Not to belittle the 90210 gusto of Trump’s kids, but you’d think he would want to appoint such important positions to people who were more business minded. Especially people more acquainted with global business practices. Not some punks who had lived their whole lives in the Trump Tower penthouse!

We have the same quagmires when Trump appoints his kids to these really important positions in the White House. Don’t get me wrong. I think it is very sweet that a father might respect his kids so much that he doesn’t think anyone in the entire world could do the job better than them, but maybe they get the position for a far more nefarious reason. When a few people know all the dirty you have committed, isn’t it better to keep them around you, as opposed to hiring a new batch?

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When the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office, his kids must have been sweating a lot more than Papa Dukes. President Trump conveniently had his daughter hande the illegal Russian dirty work. Just google ‘Ivanka Russian Investigation’.

You’ll see a plethora of interesting reasons that Ivanka could be facing some serious time. Headlines such as,

Senate Dems reportedly want to question Ivanka Trump in Russia investigation

A Russian Weightlifter May Land Ivanka Trump in the Russia Probe

How Ivanka Trump & Michael Cohen Could Go Down Together

There is a reason why President Trump calls Ivanka his favorite, Donald Trump Reveals Ivanka Is His “Favorite” Kid…Here’s Why. She does all of his dirty work. When the shit goes down, Donald Trump will probably be able to skirt away from the serious offenses, while his kids get locked up for good.

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Ivanka was the Trump Organization’s former executive vice president of development until she took on senior advisor for her father.

Trump might have reason to worry about Cohen cooperating with federal investigators, but (Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr.) likely have even more reason,” Davidson added. New Yorker.

While Ivanka and her brother traveled across the world placing Trump’s name on buildings, they did business with lots of crooked politicians and money launderers. Michael Cohen has been spilling every detail to the FBI.

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Mueller has been silent during his investigation. However, we have learned one thing about how he rolls. He uses each rat that he captures, to net him an even bigger rat. Eventually, he will get the King Rat. Mueller doesn’t care about Cohen and he sure as heck fire doesn’t care about Ivanka. Mueller knows that Ivanka won’t think twice about throwing her father to the wolves if it means one less second in prison.