Last November, I wrote this article about Brett Talley. He was Trump’s nomination to be a federal judge in Alabama. Federal judge position are very lucrative, considering they last a lifetime. But Brett was an especially atrocious nomination, for lots of reasons. Like most of Trump’s nominations, Brett Talley is not just “bad”, but he could be one of the very worst possible choices.

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His cabinet selections are in themselves comically terrible. From thinking Scott Pruitt, a fossil fuel executive, will clean up our factories, to thinking Betsy Devos will defend public education, when she spent her life replacing it with charter schools, are wrong on so many levels. What about choosing Rick Perry, who actually flunked Chemistry, to become Secretary of Energy? Or selecting Ben Carson, who has called the Fair Housing Act “failed socialism”, head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Or what about Christopher O’Hagan, becoming an assistant at the Agricultural Marketing Service? His previous experience was handing out Trum leaflets and a cabana boy at a golf resort, PoliticalHaze! All of Trump’s nominations are so horrendous, we should wonder if Putin chose them.

Brett Talley is no exception. He never tried a single case. He got his law degree a few years ago. To nominate this guy to be judge seemed a bit preposterous.

Maybe if Brett Talley turned out to be the nation’s number one lawyer in the few months he has been practicing law, maybe that could justify his lifetime judge nomination. But the American Bar Association rated Brett Talley “not qualified” as a lawyer, NYTimes. You have to be a lousy lawyer to earn such a qualification. Only two lawyers since 1989 have earned a “not qualified” rating.

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What if Brett Talley was a real good guy? Maybe a genuine sense of equality and social understanding might justify someone becoming a judge for life. I don’t see how, but for argument’s sake, let’s imagine a judgeship is based on a person’s character. This was actually Brett’s biggest strike out. Once it was revealed that he had been posting disgusting tweets about statutory rape, his deep seated hatred for Muslims, and his devotion to Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the KKK, an outrage started that only ended once his nomination had been obliterated.

I haven’t even mentioned Brett’s membership to the Tuscaloose Paranormal Research Group. Yup. He is a ghost buster!

The group’s founder, David Higdon, told  TheDailyBeast that,

“Mainly we may go into a house between maybe 7 at night and 6 in the morning and stay up all night long and see if we can see what’s going on,” Higdon told The Daily Beast in a phone interview, when asked about the paranormal group’s work generally. “If we go into a private house, we mainly try and debunk what’s going on.”

When the senate asked him if he had any family members that could be conflicts of interests, he said no. This was a lie. Alas, we have yet another reason why Brett Talley is unqualified to work in our government, let alone be handed a lifetime judgeship. Turns out, he is married to Ann Donaldson, the Chief of Staff to White House Counsel, Donald F. McGhann II. However, this reason could be exactly WHY Trump refuses to let go of him.

Donald McGhann II, is a witness in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, MotherJones. This is why Trump refuses to let Brett Talley go. He wants to butter up those testifying against him. Oh yeah, no swamp around here. Everything is squeaky clean!

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Despite repeatedly proving that he is not only unqualified, but he is also a disgusting racist, Trump refuses to let go of Brett Talley. He is still working in the government. Me and you are still paying for this ghostbuster’s hefty salary. After causing Donald Trump such embarrassment for nominating him, you’d think Donald Trump would quickly get rid of him. For some odd reason though, Brett Talley keeps on truckin’. He started working as an assistant US Attorney for the Justice Department. The White House refuses to fire someone who wrote this,

There’s no comparison between Christians and Muslims when it comes to terrorism. There’s just not. There are terrorists who are Christians, but there is no organized Christian terrorist movement. Today, in countries around the world, the mainstream, dominant sect of Islam preaches the worldwide caliphate and the murder of nonbelievers.”

During the Republican presidential primaries, Talley wrote that Trump was popular because he “says what everyone is thinking about Islam but doesn’t want to say.”

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After being forced to withdraw his own nomination due to his lack of experience, Brett Talley gained a prestigious position at the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy. Don’t you feel better knowing this ghost buster is sculpting legal policy for your kid? Brett Talley’s responsibility was overseeing judicial nominations and conducted the vetting, interviewing and evaluating of nominees.

That Talley was in charge of picking nominees might explain why the quality has been so low and their views so extreme,” says Caroline Fredrickson, president of the nonprofit American Constitution Society. “He obviously thought of himself as a good candidate and helped pick others in the same mold.” MotherJones