The other day, I wrote this article about Trump’s shady Scottish Turnberry Resort. When he made his Europe visit, he was sure to spend one day at his infamous golf resort. I use the word shady, because it has so many weird question marks hovering over it. Allegedly, it is his biggest expense. Someone spent more money on this property than any other of Trump’s properties. But it is in Scotland, not your typical vacation hot spot. The resort makes almost no money a month. Unfortunately, the American tax payers get douched with paying Trump’s vacation cost!

This article however, is about that one day that Trump stopped off at the resort, between his visit to the Queen and his visit to his queen (Putin). Considering how bad the Turnberry Resort is doing, Trump wanted to capitalize on the free marketing. Photographers took lots of pictures of him walking across those sparkling greens. He wouldn’t stop tweeting about how beautiful the resort was.

Turns out Trump and his entourage, during their few hours at the Turnberry, cost US taxpayers $60,000. The real kick in the ass, is that money goes directly into Trump’s pockets. This is an enormous ethics problem. When Trump became president, he raised the rates to his rooms. He chooses to spend every single weekend at his resorts. So me and you have to pay for his room, Ivanka’s room, Eric’s room, plus rooms for the secret service. And remember, they are all paying Trump’s hopped up fees.

Of course, while Trump driving his cart around his Turnberry golf course, there were protests were going throughout Scotland. One protester said,

The idea that we in Scotland appreciate his politics and appreciate him is fairly laughable,” she said. KGUN9

While Trump was golfing, protesters were chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA.”