Fox News swindled half of America’s population. All of our problems in politics can be traced back to Fox News and the elaborate scheme they weaved to divide America into two teams. Coincidentally, Fox News is the headquarters for one of those teams. Every team member on the R side, must continuously watch Fox News, and the extended commercial breaks, for strategies and battle plans.

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Watching McCain’s funeral service yesterday reminded me of a time in America, just before this political middle school bickering began. Former VP Joe Biden summed it up perfectly by saying, to the laughter of the audience, “I’m a democrat and I love John McCain.” CNN

Ironically, several years ago, republican Mitch McConnell summed up the divisive nature of our country perfectly. He said,

my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president.’ 

Republicans across the country cheered and applauded McConnell’s refusal to cooperate. These are the people we elect to provide food and shelter to our neighbors and medicine to our family members.

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Fox News has made republicans hate democrats so much, that they would prefer that Donald Trump take away their child’s healthcare to pay for a tax break for himself, instead of working with democrats. It is disgusting!

Ironically, the division started when Fox News came on air. Roger Ailes, who passed away last year, launched Fox News in 1996. Suddenly, every shit kicker this side of the Mississippi, had a channel bashing democrats 24-7. Hatred sells. Fox wouldn’t be America’s number 1 media conglomerate if the viewers were not first swindled.

The magic of Fox News, is that to the uneducated viewer, the channel serves a much more important purpose than just news. Finally, their views were vindicated. Finally, there was a national based channel that actually verified their own views and the views of their parents.

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Donald Trump’s ride to the White House was supported by similar boosts. Donald Trump went to the alt-right heartland. He spoke to the same group of white supremacists that had been rejected by both parties since time began. Finally, a voice from Washington emerged that recognized these racist outcasts.

Back to Roger Ailes (who was actually a member of the Trump campaign – LOL). The channel was founded by Australian Rupert Murdoch, who in 1996, hired Roger Ailes, republican party media consultant, to run it.

Ultimately, a foreigner actually conspired to profit off of the division of America and succeeded with Fox News. Let’s not Ailes a lot of credit. The whole money making spectrum of Fox News is based on the elementary principle that uneducated people are easily manipulated. That’ it! This isn’t rocket science.

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The republican party has become a puppet, dancing to the whims of Fox News.

1 – Convince your viewers that the other side is trying to harm the country.

2 – Repeat step 1 constantly. Infuse message with anger.

3 – Become the sole source of news for viewers, so that they will not hear different views.

4 – Embed images of religion into channel.

5 – Become the number one media company in the country.

It is no secret that our president not only gets his news from Fox, but actually bends legislation to adhere to the opinions of popular Fox anchors. Trump doesn’t agree with these anchors. He copies their views because he knows if he does, at least a third of the country will support him. To have American legislation dictated by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson should petrify everyone. These people are just shysters. After they swindled America, they now have complete control over America.

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