Trump got to the White House on false promises. During the campaign, he appealed to the nation’s poorest (and least educated) with his grandiose promises. A crucial part of this plan were coal miners. Here is a huge amount of hopeful unemployed people, the perfect characteristics for easy manipulation. During the campaign, he actually promised to bring back coal!!?? To play both sides though, it was also fascinating that Hillary never bothered setting him straight. If Hillary paid for a half hour program detailing how absurd Trump’s proposition to bring back coal was, maybe those Trump votes would have gone to her, probably not though.

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Promising to bring back coal is like promising to revert our mail service to pigeon carriers. It might be nice to bring jobs back to all of them pigeon farms, but it will take so long now to mail things that our businesses will be hurt. Plus, it sure isn’t very practical. Factories could run on coal, it would just cost them exponentially more money. Also, coal is so much more harmful to our environment. It might sound great to get all of those coal miners working again, but it would cost the manufacturers as well as the consumer a lot more money.

Hence, Trump’s coal promise was a flat out lie.

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This is a bold statement to make, but in my opinion, his treatment of these unemployed coal miners was the most disgusting and callous things he has done. (Wait, his theft of tuition money from high schoolers is worse than that.  What about him sexually abusing countless women? Forget I said that.) This article that I wrote is about how convincing Trump was to these coal miners, that he would get them back to work, that they actually refused to learn a new trade.

Take Mike Sylvester, for example. He walks into a career training center. Hundreds of different bright futures surround him. Computer programming, nursing, health technologists are just a sliver of the bountiful choices before him. Instead, he walks up to the coal mining booth.

“I think there is a coal comeback,” said the 33-year-old son of a miner.

“I have a lot of faith in President Trump,” he said.  PoliticalHaze1

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After a year and a half, Trump has done absolutely nothing to bring back coal. He took us out of the Paris Accord Agreement, which initially looked like a step in the right direction. The reason why coal is so much money is largely to do with the environmental fines, issued by the Paris Accord, factories have to pay when using it. In the end, that move just helped the big factory executives.

Trump has learned, if he says something enough times, eventually people believe it. He spent so much time convincing unemployed coal miners that if they voted for him he’d get their jobs back, eventually they believed him. Seventeen months later, as that abandoned coal mine still gathers moss, finally, they are realizing that they were lied to.

Last week, Trump spoke to a rally in coal mining country West Virginia. In his usual gusto, Trump pounded his fist in the air and shouted “the coal industry is back”. This squeal was greeted by a thunder of applause. Except, according to economic data, that simply is not the case.

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Government data does indeed show that the US added 2,000 coal mining jobs since Trump took office. However, economists predict the bump to fade next year.

Since Trump took office, the country has added just over 2,000 jobs in the coal mining sector, which employed about 53,000 people in July, according to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, there’s an asterisk attached to those gains. CNBC

One coal miner exclaimed, Trump’s false promises will only enrich executives. CNN

A hundred years ago, a coal mining job was great. But industries change. Over the last three decades, 100,000 coal mining jobs have been lost.

Think of that uneducated coal miner who was so enamored with Trump and believed him so much when he said coal mining jobs would return, that he actually passed up a chance to become a plumber, mechanic or a technician.