When news broke that David Pecker, the CEO of American Media, the parent company of the National Enquirer, inTouch, Star and many more was granted immunity, everyone sort of scratched their heads. What would possibly compel him to destroy the very organization he had devoted his life to protecting? I’ll give you a hint. What is the only thing republicans consider more important than country, family and religion? Money.

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Turns out Pecker’s loyalty to conservatism was a bad business decision. According to RawStory, his company American Media, is in financial doldrums. When I wrote for them, in 2001, National Enquirer was one of the most purchased magazines in the country.

Apparently, the company is close to a BILLION dollars in debt. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to imagine what would happen to the company, if Pecker chose indictment over immunity. In that case, American Media would undoubtedly be finished. So Pecker’s decision to throw his fat orange demigod under the bus was to save a few pennies. Republican voters should be really proud!

Right now they are actually on the market trying to raise more debt to pay off some of the old debt and roll the ball along. This is what David Pecker is really good at, he has been doing this for 20 years now with this company, kind of keeping that debt ball rolling.”

Lukas Alpert said, media reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

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At least we can stop scratching our heads. America found out why CEO Pecker sold out Republicans, the same organization he had nurtured and protected for decades. The mighty dollar sign. Isn’t money the motivation for every single republican legislation? Whether it be making up information to trick Americans into supporting a war, or slashing the budget to organizations that created Big Bird or feeds the hungry or provides free education, money is the only thing republicans care about.

CEO David Pecker initially became a republican because he saved money on the tax breaks republicans offered. Ironically, he sold out republicans to save money. His family, his country, even his shriveled up pride are all shadowed beneath the towering dollar sign.

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According to Trump, loyalty is a very sacred commodity. Though, I wonder how loyal he’d be when threatened with thirty years on Rikers Island. According to him, “flipping”, when an accomplice comes clean and explains the crime to authorities, should be illegal. Yes, the president of the United States really said that.

If Trump is guilty of the treasonous actions he’s been accused of, Trump committed the hugest crime ever committed against this country. One by one his “loyal” minions are dropping like flies.