Without a doubt, President Trump has been the greatest thing for hate groups ever. As the one year anniversary of the Charlottesville protest arrives, America is more divided. These groups that have always been forced to operate in the shadows, are now accepted in our society, thanks to Trump.

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Trump staked his entire candidacy on this alt-right population. After all, this massive amount of votes had been rejected by Republicans and Democrats alike. The US government never cared about hate groups. Domestic terrorism is a bigger threat to me and you than Islamic terrorism. The alt right played to Trump like a little puppet dancing across the stage. All Trump had to do was talk about an imaginary wall and call Hispanics rapists, and overnight, a few million votes are in his pocket.

Trump recognizes the importance of maintaining this alt-right adoration. He constantly throws in phrases to his speeches that can be misconstrued as homage to the same groups that thrive on killing minorities. Like how Trump always reminds his rallies that the “Media is trying to take away OUR heritage.”

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Oddly enough, this whole “racist” persona is relatively new for Donald Trump. The guy has Jewish grand kids. He regularly wears a yamaka and participates in Jewish festivities. But, the next moment, he is speaking to an arena of skinheads about the banishment of minorities.

All you need to do is take a quick stroll through Donald Trump’s past, to see all of his hate group protectionism is just a facade. Trump had been a democrat his whole life. His kids couldn’t vote for him in the primaries because they were all registered democrats.

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In 1986, Trump received the prestigious Ellis Island award for his commitment to immigrants. The photo above is his taking the honor alongside Rosa Parks and Mohammed Ali. What hate group member could stand on stage besides some of the most cherished civil rights icons in our history?

Above liberal or conservative, Donald Trump’s allegiance lies with money and power. In Trump’s bloodthirsty conquest of the world, he needed the support of the alt-right. The alt-right was poor and uneducated – ideal ingredients for manipulation. How else should you interpret Trump’s “I love the poorly educated.”?

The president represents America as well as the Republican party. When Trump says that members of hate groups are “good people”, he speaks for Republicans everywhere. Remember last year, when congress tried to force President Trump to denounce hate groups? If that isn’t the funniest and most bizarre sentence you’ve ever read, please tell me what you read!


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Trump thumbed his nose at such a request. And today, Trump’s love affair with hate groups doesn’t seem to bother congress anymore. In fact, some of Trump’s defiance has inspired loads of white supremacists to go to Washington.

Arthur Jones, John Abarr, Paul Nehlen and Sean Donahue are just a few congressional nominees who have deep ties with hate groups. A few months ago, Mr. Donahue said this,

If we do not want to control immigration from South and Central America, we must accept Whites will ultimately become the racial minority in the United States … If I am elected, I promise to preserve the American dream for Americans and to deny that dream to foreigners.”

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Now that these hate groups gained the president’s stamp of approval, they are stepping out of the shadows and into the limelight. Since Trump took office hate crimes have soared. Suddenly, hate group members are running for some of the most powerful positions in the nation, and actually winning.