Former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone, is betting Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted by Mueller. Donald Trump Jr. testified in front of congress under oath that his father did not know about the infamous Trump Tower meeting. But that statement is contrary to what Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, said to congress. He said that Trump was cognizant of the Russian meeting.

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Someone is lying. Someone, either Michael Cohen or Donald Trump Jr. committed a serious crime. Lying to congress or even to an FBI agent, to any government official means jail time. Donald Trump Jr. could be sentenced to up to five years for his disgusting lie.

Perjury is a serious crime. Though, lawyers assert the difficulty in proving perjury, is showing the defendant knowingly lied. If, after trial, a possibility exists that the defendant spoke incorrectly because they were absent minded, the defendant can not be convicted of perjury. In the past, dozens of defendants have skirted perjury charges by simply shrugging their arms in the air, and saying they just didn’t know.

Donald Trump Jr., however, will be unable to claim he didn’t know. He could try. But there exists so much evidence that he knowingly lied about the Trump Tower meeting under oath, he could be risking more legal trouble if he continued digging his grave.

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Mueller has always had his sights on Trump Jr. By far, he is the most fragile and insecure Trump. He will topple like a stack of marbles, when Mueller mentions Junior’s five year sentence on Rikers Island. Even Steve Bannon, Trump’s former campaign adviser, has joked that Muller will “crack Trump Junior like an egg.”

Junior is certainly not playing with a full deck. Not only is Junior, Donald Trump’s son, but he is Junior to Donald Trump. When he introduces himself at NA meetings or at NRA conventions he just says the world’s most hated man and then adds a Junior at the end. That has to be a difficult life.

As a result of bearing this damning name, Junior has had many issues during life. Growing up was difficult for him. I wrote this article, a while ago. It is about Donald Trump Jr.’s life of confusion. He is an angry man.

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Remember, last Earth Day, when Donald Trump suspiciously called off his Secret Service protection? No one could figure out what he was doing. According to the NYPost, Junior needed some privacy so he could go hunting. The hunting he did on Earth Day, with GOP House Greg Gianforte, was the kind he wouldn’t want people to know about. He was shooting tiny little dogs. Not only are prairie dogs considered a “species of concern” for endangerment but they are just 12 to 16 inches in size. It’s like shooting Muppets or Smurfs.

Hunters do not go after prairie dogs. A prairie dog is not much of a hunting trophy. Unless of course, your main desire is to kill. Apparently, all Donald Trump Jr. wants to do, is look into his scope, from a mile away, squeeze his finger, and watch as he steals life from one of god’s creatures.

Donald Trump Jr. has severe issues. He never got any attention from his parents. As a result, when he finally moved away to college, he would drink so much alcohol, that he would only stop, once he was was passed out.

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Donald Jr. was a drunk in college. Every memory I have of him is of him stumbling around on campus falling over or passing out in public, with his arm in a sling from injuring himself while drinking. MiamiNewTimes

I drink a lot. But I have never passed out. People who regularly pass out, or like Junior, pass out EVERY TIME they drink, are masking severe mental quagmires. Someone who drinks that excessively obviously, is desperately trying to escape the painful realities of their life. To the untrained eye, Junior’s life doesn’t look that bed. After all, if you have your own plane, is life really that bad? But many times, what we don’t see in a person, is their most excruciating scars.

I remember nothing of his dad except him showing up to give a bad career day speech,” Greenlee, whose older brother played squash with Don Jr., told the Guardian. “I don’t remember his father coming to see Donny play squash or visiting Eric in the dormitory.” TheGuardian

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Seems like Junior holds a lot of resentment for his father. Considering his life of confusion, Junior definitely goes to a shrink, if not several. I’m sure that all of them would propose coming clean and telling Mueller everything he knows about his father’s crimes. A massive weight would be lifted from his shoulders. When Trump’s own son spills the beans on his treasonous actions, will his opinion about “flippers” remain?