A Carrier factory in Indiana played a huge roll in getting Trump elected. This large factory in Indiana was threatening to relocate to Mexico. But Trump swooped in, did some of his magical negotiations, and voila, Trump got to stand in front of the camera and take credit for keeping the factory in the US and saving hundreds of American jobs. Great work? Not so much.

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Even during that press conference, when Trump declared, to a factory of applauding workers, that he saved all of their jobs, the number of jobs he saved was inflated. According to the Washington Post, 300 of the jobs that Trump claimed to have saved were “never…going to Mexico in the first place.” All he did, was give money to Carrier. They just announced that they have decided to cross the border anyway.

Trump is camouflaging our economy in similar smoke and mirrors. Trump became president by promising to save our economy. He might have been saddled with more disgusting crimes and lawsuits than about 99.5% of Americans, but he was elected because he knew business. All of those bumpkin Trump supporters stood in the corn field and scratched their ears and reasoned if Trump could make so much money on his own he would be great as president. “I reckon he’d use his business smarts to make our country great again.” They also speculated that someone as wealthy as Trump wouldn’t need to be corrupt. LOL!!!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during the first 17 months of Trump’s presidency, the US economy added an average of 190,000 jobs a month. That is good, just not as great as the numbers under Obama. During the final 17 months of Obama’s presidency, the US economy added an average of 214,000 jobs a month, ChicagoTribune. Even after the yugest tax break in history, companies are hiring LESS people than under Obama!

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Inevitably we must face the ultimate question. Whose economy are we living in? Obamas’ or Trumps’? I guess it depends who you ask. I worked with one Republican dope, who used to insist the economic policies take years to work. Hence, the economic growth we experienced under Clinton and Obama was actually as a result of the Bush Bastards.

I’ll bet my left pinky that Trump’s economy crashes. Every single republican president has had a recession in their first term, since Theodore Roosevelt in the 1900s.

Any headwind from Obama’s economy, is wrapping up under Trump and his terrible tariffs. Everyday we hear about another factory that can’t afford Trump’s tariffs and had to close down. Trump’s entire campaign was about keeping US jobs in the country (although Trump’s resorts are stocked with foreign visas). Ironically, since Trump became president factories are relocating overseas at record number. QZ

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Here is an interesting document that illustrates the whopping number of jobs we lost during Trump’s first year.

A recession will hit us shortly. This article I wrote a few weeks ago, mentions the economic crash of 2019. It will be huge and economists have been predicting it, literally, for decades. Check it out.

“My view is that this fiscal expansion is probably the most foolhardy escapade in modern economic policy history,” Albert Edwards, a global strategist at Société Générale wrote in a report to clients on Wednesday. Noting that the timing of Trump’s giant fiscal stimulus was “utterly ridiculous” considering the strength of the economy, Edwards warned that Trump’s yuge tax cuts, plus a $300 billion spending package, plus a proposed $200 billion infrastructure plan “will only accelerate the collapse of U.S. financial markets as the Federal Reserve hikes rates even more quickly. . . . The post-mortem will identify President Trump’s ludicrously timed fiscal stimulus as a key trigger for the collapse.” VanityFair

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The Heritage Foundation is a conservative education. On its website, it describes itself as

We are a research and educational institution whose mission is to build and promote conservative public policies

However, even the Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst in Fiscal Affairs acknowledged Trump’s economic policies are bad for America.

While it demonstrates commitments to a strong national defense, eliminating waste, and pursuing much-needed entitlement and welfare reforms, it fails as sound fiscal policy. The Trump administration, just last year, proposed balancing the federal budget within 10 years. However, this proposal would add an additional $7 trillion to the national debt – something not even a big spender like President Obama ever proposed. Heritage

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Everything about Trump is image. Whether it be his Trump Tower penthouse, or licensing his name out to hotels across the world. or his television show, or his hot wife, image is everything to Trump. Our economy looks great right now, but storm clouds are gathering. Think twice before making any long term investments.