In June, 28 year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulled off an amazing political feat, when she won the New York Fourteenth Congressional District primary. She defeated Joseph Crowley, who is considered the fourth ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives. That was amazing. But even more telling, was her political ideology. Ocasio-Cortez is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Her victory was a glaring statement to democrats. But last night, all of the candidates Socialist Ocasio-Cortez had endorsed, lost in special elections.

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Vermont Bernie Sanders put the word ‘socialist’ on the map. Bernie made America consider such philosophies as health care for all, employee ownership and tuition free education. Ocasio-Cortez pushes all these platforms with the intent of driving the democratic party to the left.

The week before the primaries, Ocasio-Cortez signaled support for Michigan candidate Abdul El-Sayed, Michigan Fayrouz Saad, Hawaii Kaniela Ing and Missouri Cori Bush. Except Ing, whose primary is Saturday, all of these endorsements lost last night. Reason

I agree with Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez 110%. Healthcare for all is not socialism, it is the only healthcare available in every other industrialized nation in the world. According to the United Nations and the World Bank material, in 2015, of the 33 nations with the highest Human Development Index (statistic of life expectancy, education and per capita income indicators),  America was the only one that does not offer universal healthcare.

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The same republican politicians that say such socialist platforms would bury our country in debt, are receiving contributions from the same medicinal CEOs that stand to lose A LOT of money, if they have to start competing with the US Government for business. It is humane for a country to take care of its citizens. Instead, we allow people to go broke and homeless while paying for an injury. This is the health system of every other industrialized nation in the world, except the USA.

As much as I might be for these socialist platforms, above anything, I want a Democrat to win. Frankly, I don’t think America is ready for socialism. Primary election night is proof of that. Therefore, a vote for a Democratic Socialist is a vote for a republican. Before throwing our support behind Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Socialism, let’s look at where the support lies.

For one, Barack Obama left Ocasio-Cortez off of his list of Democratic Congressional nominations endorsements for the 2018 Midterms.

Liz Peek wrote in a Fox News op-ed,

Can she sell her agenda to the nation? No, and especially not to the blue collar workers, formerly reliable Democrat voters, who defected to elect President Trump,” she wrote. “Perhaps that’s why President Obama has, for now, withheld his endorsement. He, like other Dem leaders, may think the party is spiraling out of control, or at least out of the mainstream.” DailyCaller

Another supporter of Socialism are conservatives, because they agree that any nominee lugging that word ‘socialism’ is easy to defeat. Just check out this interesting poll by conservative biased Rasmussen from 2016. It states that their polling reflects Bernie Sanders would have taken 45% of the national vote compared to Trump’s 41%. Keep in mind, every other poll shows Trump beating Bernie. However, if conservatives felt an easier victory for Trump would be against Bernie, we can understand why conservative biased Rasmussen might contrive this article and instill some Bernie confidence.

Republicans turn out to be the biggest advocates of Democratic Socialism, because, as primary night proved, socialism is easy to beat at the voting booth.