Trump was right when he said he could shoot someone, and he wouldn’t lose any voters. Trump’s campaign was a blueprint of what NOT to do during an election. Yet, he won. Challenging to discern which blemish was the worst. The lawsuit against him that he sexually assaulted countless women, or the other lawsuit alleging he scammed little children out of college tuition were bad. But were they worse than when Trump called all Hispanics rapists? Still, many political analysts thought his refusal to show his taxes was the biggest blemish of his campaign.

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A candid glimpse into a candidate’s taxes reveal all sources of their income. Every single presidential candidate has willingly allowed their taxes to be scrutinized. Just about every other person in the entire world, would think twice about electing a leader who refuses to show how they make their money. What if a foreign government is giving them money? What if they are involved in illegal practices? What if they are broke? The reasons as to why a nominee wouldn’t want the public to see their taxes are plenty. What sort of moron would vote for someone who refuses to show their taxes?

The past week, the public has been granted a peek into the financial situations of some of Trump’s closest allies. Paul Manafort, Trump’s top adviser during his campaign, and a close friend for decades, failed to declare more than $16 million in taxes. Turns out that Manafort practiced this elaborate campaign to avoid paying taxes, involving many off shore bank accounts.

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Also last week, we found out that the Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime lawyer, is under investigation for tax fraud as well. Is that a coincidence? Manafort and Cohen aren’t just two of Trump’s allies accused of tax evasion, they are the ONLY two Trump allies investigated who wound up guilty of tax evasion. In other words, I wouldn’t be shocked to discover every person in Trump’s campaign guilty of tax evasion.

At one point, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were two of Trump’s closest allies. Now, both of them are being investigated for tax evasion. Coincidentally, Trump refused to show his taxes. How crazy is it, to suspect Donald Trump also didn’t pay his taxes?

During a debate, Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of paying nothing in federal taxes. Trump admitted his nefarious tax evasion by replying, “That makes me smart.”

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No, Mr. President. That makes you disgusting. Refusing to contribute to the police force and the hospitals and the benefits that you and your family and your newly American citizen in-laws take advantage of should be a crime punishable by death.

What makes this article even more horrendous, is how Trump has tried to change our taxes. Check out this article I wrote a while ago. The title speaks for itself.

Under Trump’s Tax Plan, those who Make the Least (under $9,000 a year) will Have their Taxes Raised to Afford the Massive Tax Break for the Wealthy

Trump and friends and family don’t pay their taxes, but thanks to their legislation, people making under $9,000 a year will have to support them.