Chlorpyrifos is a pesticide that the World Health Organization deemed “moderately hazardous to humans”. Exposure during pregnancy harms mental development of the baby. Researchers have concluded that chlorpyrifos causes lower IQs, attention deficit disorders (a.d.d.), as well as development delays. Critics even propose that chlorpyrifos is the reasons why A.D.D. is such a prevalent problem today as opposed to fifty years ago. ChicagoTribune

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The pesticide is very cheap. As a result it is used on everything including corn, strawberries, wheat, citrus, apples, broccoli and many more crops. It is also used on golf courses and in greenhouses. The price and popularity of the pesticide, made it a gold mine for the Dow Chemical. However, despite this agreement that the pesticide is incredibly harmful to humans, Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, REVERSED Obama’s move to ban the substance.  TheGuardian

“We are returning to using sound science in decision-making,” he said in a statement.

Is that what you call honoring wealthy donations over the lives of newborns, “sound science”? Disgusting!

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Dow Chemical has spent unlimited amounts in lobbying efforts to keep the product in use. Naturally, Dow Chemical claims that the science alleging that chlorpyrifos is harmful, is inconclusive. Ironically, Scott Pruitt used to be a lawyer for Dow Chemical. I’m sure they are celebrating in their board room with the curtains drawn!

In reversing this ban, and allowing 30 million pounds of neurological damaging pesticide to be sprinkled on the apples and oranges sitting on that basket on your table, Scott Pruitt takes the advice of his agri-business buddies over the very scientists and environmentalists that work in the office next to him in the EPA!

  • Jan. 17: Dow Chemical, which manufactures chlorpyrifos, files a petition with the EPA, calling on the agency to reject the ban on the pesticide.
  • Jan. 20: President Trump takes office, celebrating with inaugural balls for which Dow contributed $1 million.
  • Feb. 17: Pruitt is confirmed by the Senate as EPA administrator, despite evidence of his ties to the industries he will regulate.

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  • March 1: According to documents obtained by The New York Times, the Washington State Farm Bureau meets with the EPA, pressing for cancellation of the proposed ban, on which the agency was supposed to decide by March 31. Regardless, Pruitt tells the group it’s “a new day, a new future” for the relationship between chemical agriculture and the EPA.
  • March 9: Pruitt meets privately with Dow’s CEO at a Houston hotel.
  • March 29: Pruitt signs an order cancelling the proposed ban.  EWG

Don’t blame Scott Pruitt or even Donald Trump. We shouldn’t be the least surprised in their actions. Blame the morons that voted these heartless demons into office.