When history looks at the grotesque few years of Trump’s dynasty, he will be remembered for one single achievement. Trump accomplished something that countless democrats failed. Trump will go down in history as the last republican president.

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I know, republicans have the memory of a pixie stick. There is a very good chance that after the next democrat’s eight year presidency, republicans would have entirely forgotten how incredibly stupid Trump made every person that voted for him appear. Hopefully, the democratic president would have polished away Trump’s pervasive shit stains. In addition, republicans are for the wealthy. Big money has a huge incentive to keep contributing to those crooked fake news agencies. Without inflaming the hatred of the nation’s uneducated, republicans can’t get elected. If republicans just run on lowering taxes, there just isn’t enough votes. Breitbart and Infowars and even Fox News will start an eight year long campaign against the next democratic president, the day they are elected. The uneducated is easily manipulated.

There is a good chance of that happening, cause that is what happened with Bush Jr. Say what you about Trump, but the damage Junior caused to this country was ten times worse. Junior accomplished the biggest lie. He fabricated intel to justify going into a war, that drove the country into a depression and killed thousands of young Americans. To make it even more disgusting, all the money went to companies owned by the Vice President and Trump’s good friends.

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Still, after eight years of Obama, republicans were so excited to vote in a republican. Although Obama, left office with one of history’s highest approval ratings, republicans couldn’t stop hurling disgusting and racial insults at him. Turns out all of those conspiracies churned out of Breitbart and Infowars against Obama, turned out to be nothing more than fairy tales. Despite Obama’s impeccable record, they despised him and revered Junior, who sent their child to their death for war profits. They hated Obama for trying to get their sick wife affordable healthcare, and instead voted for Trump who campaigned on taking that healthcare away. Not the sharpest tools in the shed.

I wrote article after article about how the republican party was finished, PoliticalHaze. Eventually, I was prove wrong, when Trump was elected! But just look at who they nominated. Donald Trump, the anti-thesis to the typical corn slicking, bible preaching republican. The fact that Trump was elected only reiterated their hatred for republicans. Republican politicians had lied to them countless times. None of the republican campaign promises were ever kept. When elected, all that they accomplished was to give money back to their big donors. Republican voters were sick of being lied to. Trump was different. Trump appeared like a light tower in a stormy ocean. To the jaded republican, Trump was a last chance. The RELIGIOUS RIGHT justified Trump’s adultery and his sexual abuse of countless women. Even when Trump settled a class action that he stole tuition money from little children, those devout and religious followers continued to worship him.

Just seventeen months later, most of those Trump supporters are starting to think differently. What do republicans do now? Do they go back to the Mitt Romney/Mitch McConnell/Paul Ryan used car salesman model? All these politicians accomplished was lowering the wealthiest’s taxes. In that regard, they are no different than Donald Trump.

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Now, we have two republican presidents in a row that were utter disasters (I should say three, and include Bush Senior, but I have a word limit on these articles). The war crimes committed by Junior make Donald Trump look like Kermit the Frog. How many times will the republican voter be tricked and lied to? Their reaction after Junior was to vote for Donald Trump, the anti-thesis to the republican politician mold. How will they react to Trump? Don’t expect republicans to vote democrat. I bet you they just don’t vote. If I voted for Trump, I’d feel very stupid come next election.