People thought that Donald Trump could not be corrupted. Albeit uneducated people, thought Donald Trump was so wealthy he wouldn’t run astray like every other republican. Trumpkins saw Trump in a divine light – yeah, the same guy that was being sued, at the time, for sexually assaulting women and scamming little children out of an education. As soon as he gets elected, his inauguration costs a whopping sum, that has yet to been accounted for, and his weird Stalin-esque military parade costs even more.

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Donald Trump said in Nevada back in 2016, “I love the poorly educated.” Ironically, the arena of overall wearing and corn stalk chewing Trump supporters roared with applause to that one! That sentence was a rare spate of honesty in a man who can only speak lies. Trump’s entire presidency was possible because of the “poorly educated”. I have written countless articles about how Trump campaign strategy was to go after this uneducated and poor demographic. Most of these people held no political allegiance. Even better, because of their economical destitute, they were very hopeful, willing to obey the first politician that paid attention to this minority hating group.

As soon as he was elected though, Donald Trump’s first squirt of presidential power was to steal away all of the excess campaign donations. This is from a previous article I wrote,

 In fact, to maximize the amount that the “inauguration committee” could collect, Donald Trump himself got rid of caps on individual contributions. In the end, Trump’s “inauguration committee” took in a whopping $107 million! Turned out to be a very lame affair. So what did they spend $107 million on? I’m sure I could afford the acts that played at the inauguration such as The Piano Guy and DJ Ravidrum for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah.

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Obama’s inauguration had 40 times more people compare to Trumps’. Plus Obama’s inauguration had, at the time, all of music’s hottest acts – Beyonce, The Grateful Dead, James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson and many more, compared to Trump’s  inauguration headliners like Tony Orlando and Tim Rushlow. Obama’s inauguration cost $5 million, while Trump’s cost $107 million.

The people that Trump oddly selected to head his “inauguration committee”, had never organized anything like an inauguration before. Ironically, they people in Trump’s “inauguration committee” just happened to be Trump’s top elite contributors. These are the folks that got to chose how to dispenses more than $100 million!

Trump’s military parade is yet another devastating waste of money. What makes it $93 million? Should not be surprising that the finances of Trump’s military parade are mysteriously being shrouded in secrecy. In July, the cost was allegedly $12 million. But just last Thursday, CNBC reported the parade would cost $92 million! HUH? What made the cost go up so much?

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That’s what happens when you hand someone like Donald Trump a blank check.

Trump can afford these massive giveaways to his wealthy friends, by stripping our country’s social benefits. Trump’s 2019 budget slashes non-defense spending by 42.3%. Trump’s budget also contains a 27.4% cut to food stamps and a 20% cut to housing assistance. Programs like Head Start, Big Bird’s PBS, the State Department, the EPA, the National Foundation and countless other agencies of knowledge are all slashed so that Trump could pay his buddies hundreds of millions of dollars. Disgusting! Vox