When reality becomes a little too painful for Trump, his one remedy is to throw a political rally. Yesterday, while both his former campaign adviser and long time personal lawyer were being charged with a long list of felonies, Trump was standing on stage at a rally in West Virginia, Vox. The president is implicated in these felonies as well. Despite this corruption, his uneducated fan base continue to worship him.

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Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen will be “locked up” for breaking several tax, banking and election laws. However, his supporters at the rally yesterday, were chanting “lock her up”. Legal storm clouds are raging all around Trump. His closest associates might spend the rest of their lives in prison, for crimes they say under oath, were directed by the president. Trump has brought such disgrace to our country. Yet, his supporters stick their fingers in their ears, and refuse to acknowledge the president committed any crime.

While they continue to worship Trump, someone who settled class action law suits for stealing tuition money from little children, and sexually abusing countless women, they demonize Hillary Clinton. Here is a woman that spent her legal life helping impoverished women and children. Her foundation got the highest possible rating from CharityWatch, for its ratio of money donated to money that goes to the actual charity. To this day, a large amount of people from both sides of the aisle, despise Hillary. Why? Because Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders made her the villain.

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This was Trump’s plan all along. From day one, his appeal was to the uneducated and poor demographic of America. He promised them the sun and the moon. He actually promised to get them back to work. Nothing different than those snake oil salesmen that used to go town to town, selling their Amazing Tibetan Potion. Turns out, it was nothing more than tap water and a crushed aspirin. However, the shyster assures the suckers that his potion will cure any sickness.

But Trump has taken the scam to another level. Support for Trump has become so intense, that acknowledging his crimes would be considered sacrilegious. Just look at these headlines and you’ll see what I mean.

Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President – Politico

An Evangelical University Is Helping Create A Movie About How Trump Was Chosen By God – Huff Post

Trump voter: I’d believe President over Jesus – CNN

Even if they doubt Trump’s splendor, opposing him is impossible. To his supporters, he is not a politician but rather, an object of worship. The biggest indicator of intelligence is how easy it is for a person to admit they were wrong. For a die hard Trump supporter to admit that Trump is a crook, would be admitting they were tricked, big time. This will never happen. It is much easier for them, to just plug their ears and cover their eyes. All we can do is laugh at these dancing puppets.

During Trump’s rally yesterday, while his close associates were being charged with dozens of felonies, Trump’s supporters were chanting “lock her up” and “drain the swamp”.