The press reports on the news. Obviously, if you don’t like what they are reporting, it’s not that they are reporting fake news but rather, you are being reflected in a negative light. Our president wipes his ass with the American flag three times a day. Of course he doesn’t appreciate how the news portrays him. His constant attempt to portray the news, the backbone to our democracy, as fake, is finally working. A new Quinnipiac poll shows 51% of republicans agree with Trump, that the press is not to be trusted.

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If you are a leader and you are committing crimes or governing improperly or doing anything that portrays you negatively, you won’t like the headlines the next day. Trump’s behavior is very similar to an agitated toddler. Trump’s reaction to dealing with negative headlines is just to cross his arms and start pouting how the press is out to get him. If he doesn’t like the headline, instead of trying to improve his governing skills, Trump just blames the media. Republicans agree with this knuckle dragging mentality.

Nothing is more important to Donald Trump than his image. In fact, Donald Trump is nothing more than image. The majority of his wealth comes not from his own property, but by selling the rights to use his image – his orange fat face or his name on a billboard. He has a hot wife, he lives in the lavish Trump Tower penthouse, he zips across the world on his own jet – if you didn’t know any better, you’d change places with him in a heartbeat.

The press is vital in sculpting his image. Trump doesn’t want to just be some spoiled rick kid, he wants everyone to look at him with envy. Being happy is not as important to Trump as having people THINK that he is happy. Control the press and you control the world. I wrote this very disturbing article a while ago. It is about the New York social scene a few decades ago.  The social sections of New York’s biggest papers used to get these calls from someone who called himself “John Barron”. Coincidentally, it is the same name Trump gave to his son.

This mysterious caller would spend hours praising Donald Trump. The caller would give tips about the beautiful move stars he had seen Donald Trump making out with. Although, theses same starlets would wind up denying such filthy accusations.

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Trump knows the media is the backbone to a healthy democracy. Every single one of his speeches, at least once he defiles the media. “Fake news”, he decries. His administration even goes further by labeling journalists “the opposition party”!! Still, Trump has never given an example of a “fake” story. Please illustrate which article you deem fake. He won’t do that, because the news that he does not like, is true. He would be instigating a messy lawsuit by defaming a news source. So instead, he just labels all the news as fake.

But that brings us to another level of perplexing dissonance. If all news is fake, what about the number one media conglomerate in the country, Fox? Is all news fake, except Fox? What sort of conspiracy could exist like that? The number one news station tell the truth, but all the smaller news stations are fake. You’d think the owners and boardrooms of these smaller stations would want to present the truth in an attempt to up the ratings. It makes no sense at all.

Even Fox isn’t entirely behind Trump. Many Fox reporters, at least the more respectable ones (if you search long enough, you could find a few on the station), have publicly denounced Trump. Neil Cavuto, for example, called Trump’s performance during his meeting with Putin, as “disgusting”.

Fox reporter Chris Wallace even said,

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You’ve all seen it and heard it,” he told his vocally Republican audience. “The outrageous tweets. The inflammatory statements. Accusing his opponents in a bold manner of transgressions often with little or no factual back-up.”

When Trump rails about fake news yet, refuses to give examples, maybe he is referring to sites like Breitbart and Infowars. But he isn’t. Sites that regularly publish fake news stories are Trump’s most respected. Those are the only sites I am aware of that publish scandalous headlines that aren’t necessarily true but attract viewers. Ironically, Trump’s former senior adviser was the owner of Breitbart. His site featured stories like the pizzeria where Hillary’s sex ring took place, or Hillary’s fading health, or that Huma Abedin was a Saudi spy. This is just a grain of sand in the desert of bogus Breitbart stories. Yet, Donald Trump calls CNN fake and calls Breitbart’s editor Matthew Boyle, a “very good reporter”.

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Denouncing the media is not uncommon among world leaders. Mao Ze Dong, Hitler and Stalin also expressed their disgust with the media. More recently, leaders like Hugo Chavez, Putin and Richard Nixon labeled the press as the enemy. The press is the most vital ingredient to a health democracy. To witness a majority of republicans actually agree with Trump about his “fake news” accusation, is petrifying.