At first, I thought Trump’s Space Force was a ploy to distract us while he rapes our country. Sort of like, watch my left hand while my right one takes your wallet. Imagine how captivated those Trump supporters must have been, as they envisioned these space crafts battling aliens and conquering planets. A few weeks ago, Trump sent an email to his most faithful supporters to chose from a number of different Space Force logos. This should shock no one, but we are finally discovering that this Space Force was pushed on the president by big money Aero Space lobbyists.

Space ForceThese are the six logos Trump has proposed.  

Sadly, our tax dollars went to someone to draw up these cute doodles.

However much these logos cost is actually a bead of water in an ocean compared to how much Space Force would cost. A sixth branch of the military! Such figures still remain unknown however, Vice President Pence announced that the Trump Administration hopes to get Congressional approval in the 2020 budget.

Thank god for checks and balances. Only Congress can create a new military service. Considering Trump has yet even laid out WHAT his fantastical Space Force would do, chances of getting approval are unlikely. We do know a few things though. The Trump Administration calls for a new combatant, called….drum roll…..US Space Command!

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Trump’s grotesque cosmic fantasy has apparently won over some critics already. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis opposed the idea just a few weeks ago. He wrote this letter to Rep. Mike Turner.

At a time when we are trying to integrate the Department’s joint warfighting functions, I do not wish to add a separate service that would likely present a narrower and even parochial approach to space operations,” Mattis wrote. CNN

More recently however, he said,

We need to address space as a developing war fighting domain and a combatant command is certainly one thing that we can we can establish. This is a process we’re in.” DefenseNews

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Something obviously made him change his mind.

Turns out, that this Space Force is not a propaganda technique used to deflect attention from his own crimes. Turns out the Aero Space industry has been trying for years to pushing this ludicrous idea. A Space Force would mean massive amounts of money for the Aero Space industry. With President Trump, everything has a price. Wasn’t hard to buy him on the idea.

A combatant space force implies we would be battling aliens. We haven’t really heard what this Space Force would be, but I assume we would be spending trillions of dollars a year to protect earth from those green, tentacle wearing aliens. What if we didn’t find any? That’s the argument I use when discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life over a few beers.

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For starters, chances of finding life in our solar system is almost impossible. Life consists predominantly of liquid water. So first, we need a planet at a perfect temperature. Life also needs a magnetic field and an atmosphere, to protect life from our sun. Also, we need a perfect mix of chemicals to sustain life, Phys.

If we are contacted by aliens, then of course, I would be a big supporter of Space Force. I’m sure Trump supporters will argue, that it would be too late then. They would say, after we get attacked, we may not be able to start Space Force. Our defense spending is already the highest in history. We spend more on defense than we do on Medicare, WashingtonPost. And now we are going to add an entire new branch of military?!

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A small group of current and former government officials with loyal ties with the Aero Space industry have been lobbying Space Force for years. They figure Space Force would balloon Pentagon spending on things like satellites and space stations, the same things made by the companies that pay their salary. LATimes

Look up in the clouds – the swamp has even infested the universe!