President Trump’s star is dimming fast. According to the city’s mayor, last night, the West Hollywood City Council passed a resolution to remove President Trump’s Hollywood star.

West Hollywood City council unanimously passes resolution asking the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the Donald Trump star on Hollywood Walk of Fame,โ€ West Hollywood Mayor John Duran tweeted Monday night.ย EW

In addition to the fuming hatred citizens of the city have for Trump, Trump’s Hollywood star is constantly vandalized, which costs taxes to repair. Twice in the past couple of years, the star has been vandalized with a pickaxe.

It takes a lot to remove a star. In fact, Trump’s Hollywood star will be the first to be removed. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s star still remains. He was the portly classic silent screen comedian who raped and squashed starlet Virginia Rappe in 1921.

At first, the reasoning seems quite harsh. A rapist and murderer gets to keep his Hollywood star, but our president does not!? Mayor John Duran summed up the logic that led to the removal of Trump’s star.

The West Hollywood City Council did not pass the resolution because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican. Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities or women — the honor no longer exists.” CNN

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Go to a Monster Truck show deep in the south, and I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by Trump supporters who will praise Trump for the very reasons that the Mayor admonished him. They worship Trump just because he attacks minorities and immigrants. Trump has proven that he could become the most powerful man in the world on the backs of racists. If he didn’t have that group of loyal soldiers, convinced that he could walk on water, he wouldn’t be in the White House today. Trump would gladly trade the power he now wields for some silly Hollywood star.