Of all of Trump’s cruel and horrendous quotes, I think the one that takes the cake was when he accused McCain of not being a war hero because he was caught. Considering that everything out of his mouth is intended to make shock-waves, that isn’t such an easy statement. Ignoring the fact that the five years McCain spent as a POW in North Vietnam, should earn him the most respect and admiration possible from every American, when you look at who is hurling such insidious accusations, the quote becomes even more outrageous. Trump got his wealthy parents to pay off some doctor to write a bone spur deferment to avoid battle.

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A video has resurfaced, showing that Trump’s mocking of American heroes began well before his presidential candidacy. In 1999, during an interview with Dan Rather, Donald Trump said about John McCain, “He was captured. Does being captured make you a hero? I don’t know. I’m not sure.” WashingtonPost

While McCain was being tortured in a Vietnamese concentration camp, Donald Trump was swinging golf clubs and drinking Long Island iced teas. Think of the balls Trump has to have to publicly denounce McCain for being caught! I can write volumes of articles about how disgusting his comments are, but guess what? Trump is president. Every word he said during the election was analyzed under a microscope. It isn’t like these comments were just revealed. Trump’s accusations about an American hero, were plastered across many a newspaper. Trump supporters were well aware that he was a draft dodger, and that he was making fun of a POW. However, they just didn’t care. Trump’s disgusting comments about a POW only magnified their cult-like adoration.

I’m sorry, as per Trump’s disgusting comments on a hero like McCain, I condemn his supporters much more harshly than Trump. Say what you want about Trump, but he became president. People will say things to achieve power. When Trump began his campaign, he knew that the more outrageous and disgusting comments he made, the more his uneducated group of supporters would like him. That is all it was. Everything a politician says, is to gain votes. Don’t blame the politician but rather, blame the voter who they are trying to win.


While Hillary was considered the most qualified presidential candidate in American history, Trump was considered the least. Trump wasn’t going to win based on his political beliefs, he needed to create a stir. Trump was going after the uneducated and poor demographic. Boring facts and quaint speeches wouldn’t do the trick. Just like advertisers go after toddlers with loud and bright commercials, Trump went after his uneducated demographic with jarringly loud and offensive headlines. Like banning Hispanics from entering the country, or that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor, or that Hillary had someone killed for leaking her emails -the louder the better.

Accusing McCain of not being a hero because he was caught, defies everything a true republican represents. Republicans have always been about respecting the military. In addition, is there another country in the entire world, that would nominate for president a candidate who ridicules a POW while refusing to fight themselves? McCain endured five years of torture for his love of our country. For someone to ridicule that, and then get people’s votes is insane!

Imagine that Hillary Clinton said the same comments about any POW. For that matter, imagine if any other politician, republican or democrat, said that. Their careers would have been over before they uttered the sentence! What fools we must look like to the entire world, to thumb our noses at our most honorable heroes.