After eighteen months of Trump leading our country, I have learned something about him. Whenever he does something that defies any logical explanation, and makes us just scratch our head in bewilderment, he is just trying to distract us. Watch my left hand while my right hand lifts your wallet. In the past few days, Trump has made several accusatory lies about China.

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Trump utters these lies, hoping that we will waste time trying to make sense of them. For example, two days ago, the President of the United States made an accusatory claim that China was the one to hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails. USAToday

Trump actually accused China of committing international crimes against America. But hold on. A couple of months ago, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and corporations for these same cyber attacks President Trump just claimed China committed. I’m confused.

Luckily, the rest of America, including his own Fox News, don’t really take Trump’s words seriously. Would you imagine if any other president made such war inducing claims! Trump’s comments were made in the morning and then forgotten by lunch!

Wars have started over less accusatory statements. But Trump keeps thumbing his fat nose at the world’s second biggest super power. Today, he accused China of derailing his “great” peace talks with North Korea. Trump tweeted yesterday that he,

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feels strongly that North Korea is under tremendous pressure from China because of our major trade disputes with the Chinese Government.”

In his backwards Romper Room logic, Trump reasons that China is giving money and other resources to North Korea. Therefore, peace negotiations crumbled, not because Trump is inadequate at everything he does, but rather, because China didn’t want Trump to succeed. Is this not reminiscent of those middle school tirades you were part of back of the day? Just tell the lunch monitor that Jimmy threw the chocolate milk across the cafeteria and hope for the best. As stupid as this reasoning is, the sad part is that a third of America takes it as gospel!

When Trump makes some spectacular lie, he is hoping we will waste time trying to make sense of it. Instead, you should disregard every word he says as soon as they dive off of his fat lips. He is trying to distract us.

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With his countless accusatory lies about China, he is trying to distract us from Trump’s terrible tariffs. Trump issued huge tariffs on China. As a result they slapped America with tariffs. But they planned their tariffs to hurt the heart of Trump country. Wichita and Kansas will be the most damaged areas.

Biggest impact of tariffs for us was steel, in about six months, went up about 40-50%, so it didn’t seem to affect our market, but we had to be very careful how we bid projects. Because if you bid a project in January, and then it goes up 30% by March, then your bid is not very good anymore.” DW

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This quote was from an aluminum factory owner in Wichita. Chances are, if you live in Trump territory, you are feeling the affects of his tariffs. Trump is making these accusatory lies about China, in hopes his supporters might blame China instead of him for his idiotic tariffs. Sadly, his scheme is probably working.