The elections seem like a decade ago. At least some of the animosity for Hillary Clinton remains. Not much, but enough. If you supported Trump or Bernie, Hillary was target #1. Every Hillary hater was so pumped with hatred.

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But if you asked them why, you’d either get a shrug of the shoulders or a recount of one of the trillions of bogus fake news stories peddled by the Trump-Kremlin press.

Those Hillary haters were so passionate during the campaign that this woman, who had spent her life  legally working for underprivileged women and children, was anything from a thief to a child sex ring kingpin, that now they must continue pushing the nonsense.

Susan Sarandon was a YUGE Bernie supporter, and thus an even YUGER Hillary hater. During the campaign, she spoke at events for Bernie, spreading hatred and venom about Hillary. Even today, she is convinced that Hillary would have been worse than Donald Trump. The title of the Guardian article sums it up nicely,

Protest all you like, Susan Sarandon. In effect you work for Trump

If the Hillary hater is correct, than she has committed countless crimes. I’m still waiting to see her in court though. During the campaign, Hillary animosity was so outrageous, that the republicans led five investigations into Hillary. All five concluded that Hillary did nothing wrong.

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The DOJ inspector general’s report: Hillary Clinton has good reason to complain

House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton

Those alt-right, mullet wearing, cross burning southerners weren’t the only voters fooled. Trump wouldn’t be in the White House today, had he not fooled Bernie supporters as well. Trump played all of them like fiddles. Here’s this guy that committed more crimes than 99% of the population, and he makes America hate a woman who devoted her life to helping women and children. Her charity got a better rating than Red Cross, CharityNavigator. If you voted for anyone but Hillary Clinton you are just as responsible for this shit show in the White House as Paul Manafort. Disgusting!

Just as the Trump infatuation bordered a cult, Bernie support was also more focused in love and adoration than reason and logic. In the end, Bernie and Donald made America despise the best nominee we had. Irony is a bitch.