I get it. Republicans and democrats are in opposition. One side is eager to pounce on something a president from across the aisle might have said. But if we look back at Obama comments that infuriated republicans, all we can do is just drop our jaws in amazement when reading what Romper Room Trump says. Something as seemingly innocent as ‘You didn’t build that’, made republicans furious. But, just two days ago, President Trump tweeted positive comments about two supporters charged with breaking the law.

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Kind of like when Paul Manafort was convicted last month on eight counts of tax and bank fraud. Manafort was one of Trump’s first advisers. Trump and Manafort have been friends for decades. Here is a friend of the president of the United States, who was just arrested for shorting the United States on taxes. Instead of paying into our schools and police forces, Paul Manafort hid it for himself. Instead of voicing outrage, Trump expressed his admiration for Manafort for taking his time and not “flipping” on the president. In other words, Trump is saying that Manafort could have gotten an easier sentence had he spilled the beans on the president’s crimes. The fact that he shut his mouth and did his time deserves the utmost respect. And his moronic puppets nod their heads in admiration.

Republicans got so excited when Obama said ‘You didn’t build that.’ According to this conservative wet dream, Obama was saying, the nest egg and family wealth you have accumulated is not yours – it belongs to the government. In fact, during the 2012 election, Obama’s infamous quote was featured in dozens of republican campaign ads.

Of course, Obama’s quote was carefully manicured. Here is the whole thing.

“Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.”


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Sounds a little different when read in the context that it was originally written.

Republicans were so desperate for Obama to say something they could rail against, they had to misquote him. Trump is the exact opposite. Every word out of his pouting fat lips is like a missile directed straight towards the GOP.  Everything he says makes the GOPs look like bumbling idiots. When Trump tweets during his midnight binges, or he just recklessly hurls out insidious insults, he is helping to tear down the same conservative home that Ronald Reagan built.

Initially, this was what his followers liked about him. They liked the fact that Trump just said what was on his mind. They admired that Trump sounded a lot like them. If you are voting for someone to lead your country that reminds you of the boisterous drunk passed it in the parking lot, you obviously don’t care very much about your country, or very about yourself.

Obama’s ‘You didn’t build that’, though taken out of context, enraged millions of republicans. These republicans however, are cool with Trump professing that negative news about him is fake news.

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“Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election. Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.”

Or when Trump insinuated our first black president’s birth certificate was a lie, and that he was born in Africa. Disgusting!

“An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”

I don’t know what to say about this one, except if “You didn’t build that” got you angry, what are your thoughts on this?

“Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.”  MarieClaire

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These quotes are nothing compared to other things Trump said. Like his condemnation of Hispanics, and his oath to imprison Muslim born Americans. Or how about when he said “both sides are to blame”, referring to those demanding the destruction of entire races and the killing of little minority children and the people protesting them – “both sides”. What do the people think about Trump’s praise of the KKK who misquoted Obama’s seemingly innocent speech?

This article really sums up my point PERFECTLY. A valedictorian at some Kentucky school, quoted Trump while accepting his award. The crowd goes bezerk. They all start tossing shit in the air, hugging each other, kissing each other, dancing. Finally, our leader says something that sound smart! But then, when the crowd dies, he says, “Just kidding. That was Barrack Obama.”

The crowd fell silent. For a moment, you could hear the sound of a distant train chugging along. Then a vicious wave of boos erupted.