Imagine that we elected Putin. I know it sounds crazy, but considering who is in charge now, Gary Coleman’s ghost could be sitting in the Oval Office. But, imagine Putin was in charge. Of course, his number one goal would be to smear America’s image across the world. At the same time, he would want to boost Russian supremacy. I reckon, that if this dismal and frightening scenario was playing out, his political moves would be identical to what Trump has been doing. In other words, if the conspiracy windmill is true, and Putin really did put Trump in the White House, everything that Trump is doing is exactly what Putin would want. Almost as if Putin is instructing Trump.

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Imagine that Putin was the puppet master, and Trump is the puppet. In that case, Trump’s moves would hurt America indirectly. Which is exactly what he is doing. We became a superpower after World War Two. The alliances we constructed with our enemies in the war, such as Germany and Japan, became the bedrock of global democracy.

During the election though, Donald Trump shook the integrity of these alliances. Trump ignored the fact that some of these trade pacts have helped our county as well as the world. Instead, Trump asked his stadiums of supporters, why we were getting ripped off by these countries? Why should we keep protecting these countries and paying for them? A sea of Trumpkins began foaming at the mouth with rage. According to Trump, we were getting ripped off. According to Trump, we would be better off if we only cared about ourselves.

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was established in 1948. The intent of the agreement is to avoid the economic disaster that brought about the Great Depression, which was the start of World War Two. Multilateral trading systems create global stability. Many proponents would even argue that multilateral trading systems are the biggest safeguards of peace, An ever-increasing number of countries are members of these alliances.

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The early 1930s saw a devastating trade war. In the Great Depression, fear that imports would throw more people out of work led governments to raise their trade barriers, thus setting off a vicious cycle of retaliation. This simply worsened unemployment. The world economy spiralled downwards, eventually contributing to the outbreak of World War II. Protectionism can easily plunge us into a situation where no one wins and everyone loses. WTO

That quote above, detailing the economic stratosphere that created the tension that began WWII, could be describing Trump’s current tariff war. Another scary comparison to be made with that quote and the current administration is the word ‘protectionism’, which is another word for ‘nationalism’.

America is not the only election in the world stolen by Putin. All over the world, Putin sprinkled his fake news across the internet, promoting a presidential candidate. All of these candidates that Putin helped, like Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, Nigel Farage in England and our Donald Trump all endorse nationalistic policies and all, coincidentally, consider Putin in glowing heroic attributes.

Europe consists of dozens of tiny little countries. Imagine the destruction if Russia attempted to conquer these countries. Russia would topple all of them. However, the collection of wealth and military force in the European Union would be a force to reckon with. This is why Putin would like to see the destruction of the European Union. Much to Putin’s satisfaction, Britain has expressed a desire to leave the EU. Who knows if they really will.

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Russia has such a tiny economy. This page is really amazing. It shows the size of GDPs of different countries compared to different states in America. New York, Texas and California each have larger annual GDPs than Russia. The only chance Russia has of global dominance is to weaken the alliances of the world and then roll its tanks in. Like it did to Ukraine. Russia’s attack of Ukraine made Nato suspend cooperation with the Russian Federation.

Who else enacts legislation to destroy our government? They always complain about how “big” our government is. They tell us that the government can’t be trust. According to them, Lehman Brothers and Well Fargo will handle your money better than the government. LOL!  Russia and Republicans both strive to destroy the American government.

Republicans have always been begging to destroy our government. Government is too big, they preach. Conservatives fought Obamacare cause they didn’t want government in their healthcare. Granted, Republicans and Russians want to destroy our government for different reasons. Russia loves watching the world’s number one superpower, become weakened. Republicans, however, are always trying to weaken different branches of our government, so that their wealthy buddies can profit from them. Kingmakers just care about their wallets. Money rules in the Republican party. Every government agency that is weakened, gets taken over in the private sector. You could bet, the wealthy Republican donor will be waiting to control that market.

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Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, is a great example. Her entire career, she has been trying to weaken the Department of Education, to strengthen her charter school industry. No companies can compete with the government, the only way to weaken a government agency is from the inside. Trump’s new budget decimates education, by slashing the department a whopping $11 billion, 13%. You think public schools are underfunded now? Under Trump’s budget, every parent will send their child to a charter school.

Another awesome example could be found in an article I wrote the other week. The article is about Trump’s choice to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Barry Myers. This guy owns AccuWeather, which is a direct competitor of the NOAA. AccuWeather charges consumers for the same forecasts that NOAA offer for free. Previously, Barry Myers tried to enforce legislation to weaken the NOAA. Furthermore, now he controls the agency!

Wilbur Ross has made his money in steel. The steel industry is significantly controlled by the Commerce Department. Wilbur Ross is Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. He controls the Commerce Department. One of the Commerce Department’s most important jobs is to monitor and enforce the world’s steel supply and demand. Ross has been a board member of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer, for a long time and owes a handsome stake in the company ProPublica article.

Republicans and Russians want the same thing, for different reasons.