Ivanka deserved an Oscar for her performance a few weeks ago. Trump’s immigration children detention policy disgusted the world. Overnight, these horrific visions of little Hispanic children crying and locked up in cages, defied our definition of America. Ivanka was in a funny position. When her father became president, Ivanka declared herself to be an advocate for children and women. What sort of advocate for children, could stand by and primp her bangs, while children were being carted off in cages, like sardines. Only after her father stopped his demonic immigration children detention policy, Ivanka said how his children separation policy was a “low point” for her, during his presidency.

After all, Ivanka was quick to snatch the title Defender of Children and Women. Apparently, after watching her father, Ivanka got really excited. At the Republican National Convention, Ivanka pledged to fight for mothers. Look at her face and you can hear the thunderous applause of those shit kickers in the audience.

Ivanka Trump promised to work for gender equality ‘right alongside’ her father.


But she really has done nothing. Her father’s immigration children policy got her really sappy. But in the end she did nothing.

Ivanka’s portfolio on a host of women’s economic issues – from paid family leave to equal pay and affordable child care – remains largely devoid of policy victories. Her efforts have mainly amounted to public advocacy, seemingly far remote from her father’s agenda. TheGuardian

If you are passionate about something and you REALLY want to help those less fortunate, you go out and do it. Look at Hillary Clinton. Despite the barrels of hatred America has for this woman, few people have devoted their lives to helping women and children as much as her. Hillary Clinton spent her legal career defending impoverished women and children. Hillary’s speech, “Women’s rights are human rights”, is considered one of the greatest speeches for female emancipation in history.

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Compare that to Ivanka, who likes to think of herself as a champion for women. Only AFTER Trump cancels his policy of tearing little babies out of their mother’s arms, does Ivanka say what a rotten law that was. Disgusting!

This Labor Day, Ivanka tweeted this insanely out of touch message –

What parents can afford to stay at home with their kids? Is she really just patting herself on her back. No one else will applaud Ivanka or her family and friends that are so filthy rich they get to play with their kids in their swimming pool all day, so I guess she has to do it. I’m sure that night after that speech, when she drank martinis with her friends in her Trump Tower penthouse, they toasted their glasses and thanked Ivanka for giving them credit.