The nation’s number one news network has an obligation to deliver unbiased and rational stories to the country. Even moreso, Sean Hannity’s program is the number one news program on television. In an ethical perspective, the show should only feature reputable guests, that have reputable arguments. Sean Hannity had a guest on the other night, Gina Loudon, that claimed her secret black magic science proves that Trump is the most sound minded president…ever.

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First of all, any two legged specimen with a rudimentary understanding of the English language will realize that “sound minded” is subjective. Hence, impossible to be proven by science. Please try to prove “with science” that the Grateful Dead are the best band…ever, or that Tommy Boy is the funniest movie…ever, or that Pizza Hut is the best pizza….ever. Once you agree that Donald Trump is the most “sound minded” president, you are assuming that your definition and basis of “sound minded” is superior to anyone else who disagrees with you.

 My book actually uses science and real data and true psychological theory to explain why it is quite possible that this president is the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House.” Newsweek

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Also, the fact that her black magic proposes to compare Trump against anyone who had ever occupied the White House, is comparing Trump to 44 other people. Some of these people were born hundreds of years ago. What sort of “real data” could legitimately compare people born hundreds of years apart? And what sort of “science” would prove Abraham Lincoln and John Adams are less sound minded than someone who was the subject of class action suits for stealing money from little children and sexually assaulting countless women?


A brief introduction to Gina Loudon clarifies everything a bit. For starters, she is considered one of the top 100 founders of the Tea Party movement. She was also a founding writer for Breitbart News. Her role in conservative history has earned her own radio and TV talk show. She is also a best selling author. Trump placed her on his President Media Advisory Board.

Let’s do a test, to verify what the republican party REALLY thinks of this conservative icon. After all, what better test than to see what other profiles people viewed in addition to hers’. This gives an insight into why people are looking at her page. Please visit her linkedin page. On the right side, it tells you that people who viewed Gina Loudon’s page also viewed these pages.

About 8 out of 10 of the profiles someone views before or after Loudon’s profile are blondes ages 20-40. Some of them are Playboy bunnies, and pictured in bikinis. George Papadoupolos is the only male on the list.

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Sadly, the number one news program in the country features this kooky and non coherent soothsayer. There is no truth to abstract from her message, except when viewed in a larger perspective. Think of the thousands of Americans that listened to her mindless drab, and believed it. Another “credible” source, featured on the biggest news show in America, is verifying their beliefs that Donald Trump is the most “sound minded” president…ever. This is exactly why Fox is destroying our country.