Ever since Trump began his presidential campaign, when he took that infamous ride down that forsaken escalator, he knew how to milk his supporters. Say what you want about Trump, but he knows how to sell a broken television to a sucker. He peddled dreams and aspirations like soapbox medicine. Trump supporters (mostly uneducated), were hoodwinked to believe that he was the only one who could help them. Cult leaders like David Kuresh, Charles Manson and Jim Jones even Adolf Hitler, achieved power similarly. There is a reason that unexperienced Trump, initially sought support from the hopeful and the uneducated. Trump’s initial fan base were alt-right. This group of white supremacists had been largely ignored by politicians. Finally, someone was speaking to them.

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Despite the constant embarrassments that Trump brings to America, a third of the country thinks he walks on water. Why? Why does he have such an avid fan base?

It is the economy, stupid. That is the single response any Trumpkin will give you. But back in reality, according to Forbes,

President Trump’s First Year Of Job Growth Was Below President Obama’s Last Four Years

So we can’t credit the economy for Trump’s roadie adoration. It is a useful reason for Trump supporters, but it just isn’t true.

Regardless, one in three Americans thinks he walks on water. Literally, Trump support borders on obsessive and fanatical. Remember, we are talking about someone who was elected while being sued in a class action for stealing tuition money from little children and sexually assaulting countless women. This is the guy a third of the country compares to Jesus.

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Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President

How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump

If not the economy, what has he done to earn such divine accolade.

I have a theory on this.

Let’s go back to his loyal supporters, the third of the country that continues to worship him. Throughout his presidency, Trump’s approval rating has not dipped below thirty percent. One in three Americans will stand by their man through thick and thin. A third of the country will ignore Trump’s barrage of crimes and felonies and diplomatic screw-ups. While Trump converts his children’s healthcare and public education to afford billions of dollars in tax write-offs to his family and friends, his supporters thank God every night for Trump.

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This demographic is generally uneducated. In addition, this demographic is uber conservative. My guess, is that his supporters are not advocating what Trump does. They are bummed that Trump is taking away their healthcare, and ending their child’s education. Rather, anything the Democrats don’t like is a victory in their book. In other words, his supporters are so stupid, that they simply get a thrill when Nancy Pelosi criticizes him. Doesn’t matter that Democrats are fighting for them. In their meth tainted minds, an enemy of their friend is their enemy.

These uneducated republicans had been branded by their parents to hate democrats. As a result, they vote to have their welfare and healthcare taken away. We are not dealing with the sharpest knives in the drawer here.