Trump’s detainment of migrant children has had me scratching my head for a while. Immigrant illegally cross the border, and when they are detained, the parents are split from their children. Ask any Fox loving bumpkin, and they will defend this policy by asserting immigrants may think twice about coming illegally into our country. These people are disgusting. Despite Trump legislation to end this evil policy, according to the New York Times, there are still 500 migrant children in US detainment.

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A simple examination of the crisis, would reveal that the corporations profiting from this horrendous policy are private detention firms, that coincidentally, gave the Trump campaign plenty during the campaign, according to I wrote this article a while ago, about the apparent dangers when private detention firms contribute sick amounts of money to election campaigns. When the president is elected, how do they payback these hefty donations? The only way to satisfy detainment facilities, is to implement legislation that assures thousands of people will be locked up. The scam turns out to be well worth the campaign contributions.

According to an official at the department of Health and Human Services, the cost of detaining migrant children was $775 a night per crying child. Ironically, this exorbitant cost is much more than keeping the child with the parents. Include the vicious backlash Trump administration has gotten for this policy, we need to wonder why Trump maintained his policy for so long?

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The president’s education secretary provided funding to one of the groups. His defense secretary sat on the board of another. Mr. Trump’s own inauguration fund collected $500,000 from two private prison companies housing detained migrant families. And some of the contractors employ prominent Republican lobbyists with ties to Mr. Trump and his administration, including someone who once lobbied for his family business. NYTimes

Last month, Trump signed an executive order that stopped family separation. But just as one scam ends, another more profitable one begins. With the families locked up together, these detention facilities will need a lot more beds. Private detention firm, Boca based Geo Group, will get a sweet contract worth millions for making these beds! SunSentinel

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Not just Trump, but the entire republican party crafts their legislation so that detention facilities are rewarded big time. Think about it. Republican’s biggest platforms are anti-immigration, anti-legalization, and pro guns. How many people in detention facilities today have committed crimes related to those three pieces of conservative legislation?