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 Jordan Arizmendi: Senior Editor and Founder

Jordan is the founder of Political Haze and covers political and social topics.


Hi, I’m Jordan Arizmendi. I am the lead writer at Political Haze.   I’m a political journalist who covered the 2016 election cycle from start to finish. Let me get one thing out of the way. Since I am the writer of 98% of all articles on PoliticalHaze, I can assure you that every article includes verifiable sources. PoliticalHaze is not fake news. Although, many people might call it that vile name because they simply disagree with my articles. If you do feel so impassioned as to label my article ‘fake news’, please counter my article with some sources of your own. If you do not, then your baseless claims will be left ignored. In addition, PoliticalHaze is not affiliated with any candidate, campaign, party, PAC, or any other political entity. In fact, PoliticalHaze welcomes articles supporting any view. We respect your difference. PoliticalHaze is a forum inviting people to express their views. I guarantee that as long as your article is not offensive and original, we will publish it. Your article will be read by thousands of people!

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