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Astranada Gamsey is one of the Holla Moms buried under work, commute, and child rearing, yet also getting the word out about Bernie, democracy, and the needs of working people.

Despite Attacks from Both Sides of the Aisle, Bernie Sanders Will Always be Fighting For Me and You

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There was a moment during the Democratic primaries when Bernie Sanders said something to the effect of, “They’ve thrown everything at me but the kitchen sink…and I have a feeling the kitchen sink is on it’s way.” In retrospect, we now see why they held off on really hurling that sink. They knew there was nothing to hurl. Bernie Sanders is one of the 1% of 1% of politicians with no skeletons in their closet.…

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Seeking a Raft in the Sea of Darkness

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A Trump presidency looms under the Christmas tree like a life sized Chucky doll waiting to burst from it’s box and murder the daft and trusting family. As soon as the box is opened, the darkness is unleashed. Also under the tree, is a box set of prophetic Dr. Seuss books: “The Lorax” – a tale of environmental decimation resulting from the greed of industry. “The Sneetches” – a story about social exclusion in a…

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The Day I Didn’t Die

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On September 9th, 2001 my mother showed me a list of flights from Boston to Los Angeles. “You could go on the 10th or the 11th, it’s the same flight” she said. I looked at the list.”I’d like to stay on the Cape for another day,” I replied, “but I should go on the 10th because I have to go to the DMV and deal with a moving violation I got last time I was…

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My Journey With Bernie Sanders

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I’ll start at the end… Hundreds of bedraggled, beautiful, tired, disappointed people waiting in the hot subway station late in the evening. We are craning our necks and squinting our eyes into the darkness of an endless tunnel, searching for the light. There are so many people, but we are all really just one. Berners of every size, shape and color – young and old, fit and crippled, straight and gay. Some have tattoos with…

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Why I am going to Philly and why you should go too

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In 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott began. It all started when a hard working woman refused to move to the back of the bus, like she had done for as long as she could recall. That seemingly insignificant refusal changed the course of history. It must have been difficult for so many black Americans to walk to and from work every day until the rules were changed. It must’ve been painful, both physically and financially. Yet they…

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The Day Bernie Dumped Me

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“We all just have to unite and rally around Hillary now. To beat Trump. OK”? No. It’s not okay. After an anxious morning of waiting for events to unfold, I finally got a chance to scroll the news. And those dreaded whispers, which had spooked Bernie communities everywhere the past few days, were finally confirmed. I’m sure every Bernie supporter went through a similar whirlwind of different emotions as I did today around twelve o’clock.…

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Why Bernie Sanders will not endorse Hillary Clinton tomorrow

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Mainstream media is speculating that Bernie will endorse Hillary Clinton tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow July 12, 2016 Bernie Sanders will abandon everything he’s ever believed in, everything he’s ever fought for and endorse an active opponent who blatantly participated in suppressing the voices of his supporters. I think not. He is working within the confines of a system he is actively trying to change. A system he has spent decades pushing to adopt a saner, more…

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Realizing Wrong: An encounter with Racism

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My eyes are blue, my hair is blonde (as long as I continue to have enough money to color it), otherwise it’s brown and lately, gray. When filling out an application, I check the box marked “Caucasian”. When I was 13 years old I was playing field hockey in my hometown of Provincetown, MA. Our high school team was having a particularly good season. After winning yet another game, we lined up to shake hands…

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Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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Back home, my family sure gets an earful about me being a loyal Bernie supporter. “Since when did your sister start working for Bernie Sanders?” Or, “Why is your sister so angry?” Or, “Hillary is not that bad, why doesn’t Astra like her?” My family can’t theorize what I am thinking and how I would answer these questions. So hopefully, this brief editorial will put to rest all political speculation concerning my Sanders’ support. I…

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