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Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.

When the Going Gets Tough with FBI Investigations, Trump’s Best Strategy is to Drag in Hillary

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FBI investigations into Trump have begun. Trump has had a tough week. With poll numbers historically low for this soon into a term, everyday another group of voters realize that they had been duped by Trump. With each hour that transpires since his election, more anger swells at the president. Shit really hit the fan, when the FBI finally announced that they were investigating him on obstruction charges. WOW! Of all people, attention hungry Trump…

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Trump Deports Dozens of Iraqi Christians to their Executions, Goodbye Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

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“Life, & liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” When those words were written, the French Revolution had just shattered the concepts of civilization. Ever since the dawn of history, power was determined by your blood. The only path to the throne was predetermined. If you were not born into royalty, you would never be a ruler. Imagine a world with such severe restrictions! The French Revolution ended this primitive way of life. In the smoking…

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Another Dr. Seuss Comic From World War Two Rings True Today

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This Dr. Seuss cartoon was first printed in January, 1942. At that time, the character representing Donald Trump was actually Adolf Hitler. The only other change was that in the original comic ‘Libya’ was on his ass. Hitler’s Libya is Trump’s Syria. Hitler stands in a doctor’s office, where icicles labelled “Russia” hang from his head and his trousers have been singed off, revealing a thigh labelled “Libya.” Coupling the slapstick humour of a bare-assed…

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70% of Trump Real Estate has Sold to LLCs in the Past Year, According to USA Today,

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LLCs are buying up Trump properties like hotcakes. Why? During the campaign, Trump brushed aside all concerns about conflicts of interests. Never before have we had a president with such a far reaching empire of hotels and properties. In fact, his empire is so enormous, that it is impossible to determine every private company that he may have some financial linkage to. In regards to his properties, during the campaign, his opponents remarked how easy…

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Trump Has to Regret Opening his Fat Orange Lips About his Secret Comey Tapes

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Do the Comey tapes really exist? Unlikely. I doubt Trump expected the backlash that erupted as a result of his threats that he secretly recorded a conversation with former FBI Director James Comey. A super secret conversation took place in the Oval Office between Donald Trump and James Comey. One of these men was conducting an FBI investigation into the other. After this meeting, Comey gets fired. Considering that it is completely unheard of, to…

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By Leading with Such Incompetency, Trump Has Shown to the Rest of the World the Dangers of Electing a Putin Endorsed Candidate, There’s the Only Good Thing Our President Has Done

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The only good thing Trump has done, is put an end to Putin’s global domination. We can credit Trump for doing this. Certainly, it was not intentional. Regardless, his idiocy has petrified the rest of the world. Americans are starting to realize that electing Trump was a huge mistake. In just a few weeks, Trump has threatened to destroy everything from the planet to Big Bird. Even worse, he has taken our democracy and tore…

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Republicans are Ditching Donald Trump Like a Peg Legged Trollop

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Ditching Donald Trump is the only way a Republican can survive. Take Martha McSally, a House Republican from Arizona, for example. She is starting to regret her unfettered loyalty to our president. She climbed aboard the Trump Train when it was the thing to do for republicans. For a couple of weeks, it seemed every Republican had a case of Trumpitis. You can’t blame them. Trump just won the election. A stale smog of conservative…

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Trump’s Tax Plan is a Mirror Image of Brownback Plan that Destroyed Kansas

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About a year ago, I wrote an article about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s experiment. Brownback speculated that massive tax cuts would lead to unrivaled job growth as well as boosting government revenue. This was such a big republican experiment! After all, tax cuts are the only thing Republicans care about. Just look at President Trump’s proposed budget and healthcare. Both of them are just a massacred collection of slashed benefits and programs. Everything from healthcare for…

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Trump’s Infrastructure Plan is More Smoke and Mirrors, He Must Think we are Pretty Stupid

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Trump kicked off infrastructure week in quite an auspicious manner. The opulent ceremony took place in the East Room. Elegant politicians were squashed in the room like sardines. All of them shaking hands and nodding heads. A military band played in the background. To top it off, Trump sat mounted on his throne, signing seemingly important documents. If you could get a recording of this stately event, and then, let’s say you are able to…

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Finally, Them Trumpkins are Realizing that They’ve Been Tricked, as the Destruction Begins to Unfold

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Trump is about to go down in a big pile of self destruction. Donald Trump couldn’t even last half a year, before torching the White House. Those poor Trumpkins must be devastated. Trump was supposed to be the Great White Hope. Trump was supposed to get those coal mining jobs backs, get everyone healthcare, destroy ISIS, build a wall, lock up Hillary, suspend immigration….. Turns out it was all lies. Trump knew his grandiose lies…

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