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Jordan has always been a writer. He has written several novels available on Amazon.com, and he used to write his own column in "The National Enquirer". While Jordan lived in Japan for two years, he was a childhood television star. He was sort of a big deal. In a volunteer position, Jordan teaches adults how to read.

Similarities Between Trump Supporters and KKK Members

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The Donald has certainly unified whole portions of America that a year ago would have nothing in common. Who would have thought Dick Cheney and Matthew Heimbach or Karl Rove and David Duke or Newt Gingrich and William Johnson would be supporting the same guy come election time? I’m sure you recognized the first name of each of those pairs, but the second names? One is the Grand Dragon, another is a white supremacist and the…

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The Only Coal Trump Will Get Will be on Christmas Morning

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Sometimes when a person becomes idolized in our society, we expect the sun and the moon from them. Look at Donald Trump. He has managed to amass a tremendous fortune (though he won’t allow us to look at his tax returns), he is married to a beautiful woman (though she came from another country and married in to US citizenship), and he has become the Republican presidential nominee (though he and his family have voted…

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Does Anyone like Donald Trump?

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Trust me. A storm is brewing inside this cool cat now. She’ll gradually break down and you’ll see what’s behind the clouds Mahbod Seraji, Rooftops of Tehran The fractured republican appears to be nearing towards an explosion. The wick is nearly up. Donald Trump was certainly the one to light it, but by the time the bomb explodes he’ll be sitting pretty in his palatial loft on top of Trump Tower. The republican voter will…

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Trump is his own Worst Enemy

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Yesterday, I discussed Trump’s wall proposal. My article did not knock Trump necessarily rather, I questioned the voters who actually believe that a wall would get their jobs back let alone, could actually be built. That was yesterday. Today, I will analyze Trump’s Muslim ban. Undoubtedly, these two propositions propelled Trump to the unstoppable force that vanquished the Republican party. Before he uttered them, he was like a little deer lost in the woods. After…

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We Need a lot More than Some Wall to Bring Back those Jobs

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Trump supporters rejoice today. After a complicated campaign, Trump finally scores the nomination. The campaign has been a long and strange trip. Actually, it wasn’t very long and it was exceptionally strange. It is questionable if Trump, the life long democrat, would have been where he is today had he not uttered two bold proclamations. First, as president he will get Mexico to pay for a wall on the southern U.S. border. And second, he…

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Immigrants to Middle Class to the American Dream – Bernie and Hillary are Identical

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  In my opinion, the most important line of the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that “all men are created equal” with the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. This was the real seller to the millions of immigrants who wanted to call America ‘home’. If taken literally, this line means that anyone, as long as they work hard and obey the law, could achieve financial success – also known as the American…

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Sanders Gives Cold Shoulder To Trump’s Shower of Love

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Donald Trump is one crafty politician. Now that he has practically captured the Republican nomination, he has his orange Oompa Loompa colored face pointed at Bernie supporters. Gaining their favor is Trump’s next glorious conquest. Maybe because Trump knew he wouldn’t be facing Bernie in an election, his middle school playground rhetoric has always been much softer towards Bernie than Hillary. Trump even said in an MSNBC interview: Bernie Sanders has a message that’s interesting.…

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What do Democracy, Gyros and Income Inequality Have in Common?

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The wide gap between the rich and the poor is nothing new. Ever since the peasants were lugging bricks across the desert for the Pharaoh, you could tell with once glance who has the bread. Just a small pocket of cultures throughout history, all being Anglo countries, could the common man achieve both power and wealth. Every major Western scientific and artistic achievement could be traced back to the Greeks and Romans. Today, America reshapes…

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