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More Reasons as to Why Trump will Lose

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Those of you who blindly support Donald Trump because you’re entranced by his wealth, or because you feel subjugated by Obama and the Supreme Court, or because he’s brash and speaking your lingo – at some point you must honestly ask yourself that if Don could espouse such contempt for heroic American prisoners of war, think about the disdain he must feel for you. To him, you are people who worship him solely because of…

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Trump Will Never be President, and This is One of the Reasons

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Frustration, marginalization, victimization, anger and helplessness. These collective emotions, found within pockets of the GOP movement to elect Donald Trump, has taken on a conservative political surrealism that ignores conventional political realities. As long as Trump keeps repeating hackneyed expressions such as “we gotta take our country back” and “our country is in serious trouble”, and continues pitching ridiculous attention-seeking innuendo such as, “free trade is terrible,” “free trade can be wonderful if you have smart…

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