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Everything about Donald is Small, Especially his Rally Crowds, They Keep Getting Smaller

During the election, Trump could not stop talking about how YUGE his crowds were. But then the moment he won the election, those crowds began to dissipate. They got like microscopic. The world was shocked to see the tiny little inauguration day crowds. Yes, it was in democratic Washington DC, but those loyal Trumpkins could have made the trip to relish their savior’s victory. But they didn’t. Some analysts have called Trump’s inauguration parades the… Keep Reading

Trump is a Role Model for Blood Thirsty Tyrants all Over the World, Like Syrian President Bashar Assad

Trump’s meteoric rise to the white house has taught a thing or two to tyrannical dictators across the globe. Syrian President Bashar Assad, for example, has torn a page right out of that orange playbook. Assad is trying to squash all negative news about him by calling it “fake news”. This is the same ruler who has been accused of mass genocide in a “calculated campaign of extrajudicial execution” at a military prison outside of… Keep Reading


Conflicts of Interest Follow The Donald Everywhere he Goes, Even on to the Golf Course

Donald Trump is playing golf this weekend with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida. However, even before they step on the green, it turns out this will not be a hole in one. Watchdog groups have expressed deep concerns with such arrangements and the conflicts of interest that result. The plan is for the Japanese Prime Minister to fly to Palm Beach and the two leaders have a… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

Our President has Brought us to the Eve of Destruction

Trump is that rat chewing on the cat’s tail, inviting destruction. Within three weeks Donald Trump’s presidency has undoubtedly made our country as well as our world a far more dangerous place. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are leading our world into an abyss of hatred and war. His silly wall proposal and his immigration ban are platforms strictly based on hatred. These platforms were not devised out of logic and the good of our… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Eric Trump

You Just Paid For a Getaway Vacation For Trump’s Son to Go to Uruguay

Immediate family members of presidents have been protected by taxpayer funded Secret Service for decades. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton authorized Secret Service to even protect their kids for a while after they left office. But what happens when me and you have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect Trump’s kids as they dance the night away in some ultra exclusive beach front hotel in Uruguay. Bet your bottom dollar… Keep Reading


Our President Says that any Headline that Doesn’t Praise him is Fake, He also has a Bridge in China He’d Love to Sell you

President The Donald is the first president, and maybe the first public figure, to postulate that any bad headline about him should be considered “fake news”. I must confess that I used to share that mentality about myself….when I was twelve. Donald Trump, the President of the United States, the most important man in the world, is telling us, that if we see anything bad about him, dismiss it as a lie. This is what… Keep Reading

Anti-Trump/Donald Trump

We Should Call our President Jimmy Two Times Because of his Speech Impediment

Why does President repeat himself so much during a speech? President Donald Trump repeats himself a lot during his speeches. Watch a Trump speech, and note how many times he repeats himself. The repetition could be perceived as a stutter. But it clearly is not. Listen to any of his speeches and the repetition is apparent. Rather than a stutter, it sounds more like a speech impediment. Even more than that though, there seems to… Keep Reading


Hail the Protester, Our only Defense Against Trump’s Tyranny

The protester is the only beautiful thing about Trump’s Muslim ban. No matter what color you are, or your age, or your sex, everyone recognizes how atrocious the ban is. The thought of living in a country where people are unable to practice their religion is frightening, but you know what would even be more terrifying? Imagine if Trump’s ban went down without a peep. Imagine if no one could see the harm in refusing… Keep Reading

As Our Streets go up in Flames and Protests, Republican Support of Trump Begins to Fade

More than a dozen GOP members of Congress have voiced their opposition to Trump’s ban on Muslims. Just a week ago, Republican support for these disgusting Muslim bans were as strong as ever. What happened? After months of holding Trump’s hand and singing Kumbaya, how come suddenly Mitch McConnell, Senator Rob Portman, Charles and David Koch, and almost every other Republican suddenly disavow Trump’s plans to kick out Muslims. Is Donald Trump the one at… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Tears Republican Party Far From the Tender Christian Embrace

The Christian church has vocally voiced their disapproval of Trump’s ban on Muslims. Considering Trump won the election, his flock of republican minions apparently don’t care about the churches position. To them, the church means nothing. Once upon a time, the religious right ruled the country. Conservatives ruled right alongside the pulpit. The benevolent values of the church could be seen in every legislation that a Republican lawmaker wrote. Donald Trump and his hateful rhetoric… Keep Reading

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