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Bernie Sanders is Urging us to Protest Not to Touch Entitlements

A week before Donald Trump sits on his throne, Bernie Sanders is coordinating a massive national protest urging Trump to leave programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid alone. Bernie is warning Donald to keep his fingers off of your entitlements. “We’re asking U.S. senators, members of the House, labor unions, environmental groups, senior groups, ordinary people to come together and tell the Republican Party that their priorities are absolutely backwards,” Sanders explained. Nothing has… Keep Reading

Bernie Sanders/Donald Trump

Bernie Questions Trump’s Swamp Draining Skills

Bernie Sanders told CBS’s Face the Nation that Trump didn’t drain any swamps, as he vowed during the campaign season, instead he assembled a “cabinet of billionaires”. By far, the slogan must uttered by Donald Trump was that he would drain the swamps. Apparently, this is the only way to get rid of government corruption. Trump was supposed to tackle government corruption, instead all of his nominations were selected depending on how much money they… Keep Reading

With Hillary in Hiding, Bernie’s Voice is Louder than Ever

Hillary has been in hiding since her defeat. Any disagreements she might have had with Trump and his viciously conservative agenda, are hiding beneath her pillow. Surprisingly, the only voice of opposition to Trump is coming from the Vermont Senator, president-nominee Bernie Sanders. Bernie’s most recent call to arms, is by suggesting Americans stand together in protest against Donald Trump. Hillary lost the race, not her political voice. She has one of the most prominent democratic… Keep Reading

Did Bernie have Anything to do With Getting The Donald Elected?

How much did Bernie supporters help Trump get elected? There are arguments on both sides. “Do you vote against the greater evil if you don’t happen to like the other candidate? The answer to that is yes.” So says Noam Chomsky, political activist, professor and social critic. According to Chomsky, who was a Bernie supporter during the primaries, any Democrat who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton made a “bad mistake.”  – Commondreams article – In the defense… Keep Reading

Bernie Sanders/Tim Canova

Good luck, Tim Canova, Without that Glorious Bern, You’re Gonna Need it

Had it not been for Bernie Sanders, Tim Canova, a little known law professor, would probably not have run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Democratic National Committee chairwoman. Tim Canova must have assumed that his chances of beating her were exorbitantly greater with Bernie’s blessings. At one time, Canova and Sanders were mighty allies. Now that Canova is in an election against Debbie, one of Bernie’s arch enemies, you’d assume Bernie would be swinging right along… Keep Reading

Bernie Club Clamors to Clinton, Leaving The Donald in the Dust

Trump always had his eye on Bernie supporters. But now according to a CNN poll, 91% of Bernie supporters are flocking to Hillary. While Bernie was still battling in the primaries, Trump was overjoyed to witness the splintered Democratic party. He incited Hillary hatred among Bernie supporters, because according to Trump’s glorious fantasy, he knew the day would come when these embittered Bernie supporters would look to Trump as their new golden idol. Bernie supporters… Keep Reading

My Journey With Bernie Sanders

I’ll start at the end… Hundreds of bedraggled, beautiful, tired, disappointed people waiting in the hot subway station late in the evening. We are craning our necks and squinting our eyes into the darkness of an endless tunnel, searching for the light. There are so many people, but we are all really just one. Berners of every size, shape and color – young and old, fit and crippled, straight and gay. Some have tattoos with… Keep Reading

Bernie and Trump Supporters Play Their Fiddles as the DNC Burns

For the good of the democratic party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned. The Florida congresswoman knew that her presence at the DNC would have been a massive distraction. Debbie made the decision, after a flurry of leaked emails revealed that the DNC favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the party’s 2016 primary election. Debbie said that she would step down from her position as the party leader at the end of her parties convention. After… Keep Reading

Why I am going to Philly and why you should go too

In 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott began. It all started when a hard working woman refused to move to the back of the bus, like she had done for as long as she could recall. That seemingly insignificant refusal changed the course of history. It must have been difficult for so many black Americans to walk to and from work every day until the rules were changed. It must’ve been painful, both physically and financially. Yet they… Keep Reading

The Day Bernie Dumped Me

“We all just have to unite and rally around Hillary now. To beat Trump. OK”? No. It’s not okay. After an anxious morning of waiting for events to unfold, I finally got a chance to scroll the news. And those dreaded whispers, which had spooked Bernie communities everywhere the past few days, were finally confirmed. I’m sure every Bernie supporter went through a similar whirlwind of different emotions as I did today around twelve o’clock.… Keep Reading

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