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Here is Proof that Trump’s Plan is to Destroy our Government, Cause it is Too Big

Our president is trying to destroy our government. This is the Manchurian candidate on about a pound of speed. Except, Trump is not executing his plot in secrecy. His plan is as clear as a flashlight beam. His motives as well, are easy to spot. Trump is finally accomplishing what Republicans have been fantasizing about for the past few decades. If you were president, and were tasked with destroying our government, how would you do… Keep Reading

Yesterday, Trump Began Dismantling Our Nation’s Educational System

Late Wednesday, President Trump wrote an executive order to begin tearing apart our nation’s educational system. Considering that Betsy Devos is Trump’s Secretary of Education, this should come as no surprise to anyone. After all, Devos has devoted her life to replacing our nation’s public schools with private charter ones. For nearly 30 years, as a philanthropist, activist and Republican fund-raiser, she has pushed to give families taxpayer money in the form of vouchers to… Keep Reading

As Trump Slashes Pell Grants in Budget, Millions of People Will be Deprived Education

 Pell Grants have been giving hope to American high school students since 1972. According to a USA Today article, USAToday article, The program sends up to $5,920 to students in families that earn less than $40,000 a year, prioritized for families earning closer to $20,000 or less. A key difference between a Pell grant and a loan is that students don’t have to pay back the grants. Pell grants are the largest expense in the… Keep Reading

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Republicans Don’t Want us to be Smarter than a Fifth Grader, Sixth Graders Question Authority

Do republicans really want us to be smarter? I’m sure some of you scoffed after reading such a sentence. Of course our leaders want us to be smarter. But you can’t deny that republicans do better with a population of less educated people. It is harder to trick someone who is more educated. Not like education automatically makes one smarter, but educated people are more likely to question things, and not accept everything that is… Keep Reading

Everyone is so Distracted by the Muslim Ban, Trump’s Lobbyist Changes are Going Unnoticed

  During the campaign, President Trump promised America that he would get rid of the lobbyist. Trump vowed to ‘drain the swamps’. There is no better place to start than by slaying the lobbyist. Restricting lobbyist activity in our government is a praiseworthy achievement. Lobbyists are the epitome of corruption: big business liaisons influencing politician’s votes with donations and lavish gifts. Trump’s ban on lobbyists is similar to the republican brainchild “trickle down economics”. Both… Keep Reading

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