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Climate Change

One of Trump’s Biggest Promises to Bring Back Coal Mining Turns Out to be One Fat Lie

From 1932 to 1996, West Virginia voted democratic 14 of 17 times. West Virginia was considered one of the safest democratic bastions in the country. Consequently, how was Trump able to win a state that some of the most seasoned republican politicians of the century could not? Trump’s illustrious promises to save the coal mining industry was how. Trump’s promises to save the coal mining industry typify the election as well as his supporters better… Keep Reading

Climate Change

Weather Channel to Breitbart, We Didn’t say that About Global Warming

Breitabart published this article claiming that: Global land temperatures have plummeted by one degree Celsius since the middle of this year – the biggest and steepest fall on record. Breitbart article The fact that you didn’t hear about this, means that it wasn’t true. If it was true, it would prove that global warming was not occurring. Or, as Republicans have declared for decades, “Global warming is a hoax.” In this clever article, Breitbart used the actual… Keep Reading

Bernie’s Last Stand

This weekend, the Democratic National Platform Committee met at the DoubleTree at Universal Orlando. Bernie supporters suffered a string of bitter defeats, as they tried to convince Hillary Democrats to include some of Bernie’s issues. Among Bernie’s platforms that Hillary refused to embrace is rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Democrat filled room exploded into applause when it was acknowledged that Hillary would not embrace Bernie’s TPP. In addition, a total ban on natural gas fracking… Keep Reading

Green Party Takes a Hit with Brexit Vote

According to top environmentalists, as a result of Britain’s decision to leave the EU, many safeguards to protect Britain’s wildlife as well as to fight climate change, may be fed to the birds. A big proponent for Britain to remain in the EU was Friends of the Earth. Under a framework of countries working together, enormous environmental problems are easier to tackle. More than 70% of British environmental regulation was set by European legislation. Now… Keep Reading

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