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The following images are remixes or parody of Dr. Seuss's political cartoons from around the World War II era. The cartoons are sketches of the original comics. During the timeframe of WWII, Dr. Seuss was a political cartoonist. He worked with different aspects of media including helping the government to create books for younger people to learn how to read. In creating the books, they tried to have something more entertaining for the youth than the typical Dick and Jane simple reading material. During the war, a lot of individuals were not as educated, and Dr. Seuss contributed in teaching by his genius wit. Maintained by J.J.

Talk. Tweet. Talk. Tweet.
Political Comics

Dr Seuss Remixes – Talk. Tweet. Talk. Tweet.

Today’s politics have a huge presence online and in person. A vast majority of the modern information society receives both from media and Twitter. Ironically a large aspect of President Trump’s statements has been pulled directly from his “Offical” Twitter account. In this toon, the remix is a parody of what would be Uncle Sam with a Trump hairstyle wig. In this image, the Uncle Sam is holding a digital device while Tweeting and Talking. Keep Reading

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