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What Came First, Donald Trump or Fake News – Here’s Why Republicans Love Fake News So Much

Most of the things Trump does, don’t look so presidential when reported in the media. Trump’s defensive strategy against these claims is to wedge his fat fingers in his ears, and just call the headlines ‘fake news’. Yes, it is a very juvenile strategy, but it is working perfectly! Whether it be making up wiretapping fantasies about a previous president, his pitiful golf games, his abysmal polling numbers, everyday it seems the newspaper is tearing… Keep Reading

Bernie’s Last Stand

This weekend, the Democratic National Platform Committee met at the DoubleTree at Universal Orlando. Bernie supporters suffered a string of bitter defeats, as they tried to convince Hillary Democrats to include some of Bernie’s issues. Among Bernie’s platforms that Hillary refused to embrace is rejection of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Democrat filled room exploded into applause when it was acknowledged that Hillary would not embrace Bernie’s TPP.┬áIn addition, a total ban on natural gas fracking… Keep Reading

Polls Show the Direction of Bernie Supporters

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primaries. Bernie Sanders however, her opponent, has vowed to continue swinging until the party convention in July. At that event, the democratic nominee is official. Why the continued theatrics? God only knows. Some allege that Sanders’ team wants to remain a “force” in an attempt to get some sweet concessions, like his $15 minimum wage. If Sanders was to hop out of the race immediately, his loyal supporters would feel… Keep Reading

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