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The One Campaign Promise Trump Will Keep – Lowering Our Nation’s Tax Rate

Lowering our nation’s tax rate has always been very important to Trump. Trump plans on lowering our taxes to 15%. That’ll save me and you a few hundred dollars. But as per Trump’s wealth, he will be saving millions! Collectively, that means there will be billions less spent on our nation’s roads, teachers, and police officers. Finally, one campaign promise that Trump will keep! Everything he said on the campaign trail, turned out to be a… Keep Reading

Deficit/Donald Trump/Obama

Despite Republican Complaints, Why Does the Deficit Always Soar Under One of Them?

For the past eight years, Republicans have been furious about the deficit of the Obama administration. Every time the country needed something, Republican congress was checking that list twice and only approving the very bare minimum. For example, as a result of the Republican’s mission to curb deficit spending, even when it came to the Great Recession and saving our economy, the stimulus bill that was passed in 2008, was largely ineffective. Several provisions from… Keep Reading

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