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One of Trump’s Biggest Promises to Bring Back Coal Mining Turns Out to be One Fat Lie

From 1932 to 1996, West Virginia voted democratic 14 of 17 times. West Virginia was considered one of the safest democratic bastions in the country. Consequently, how was Trump able to win a state that some of the most seasoned republican politicians of the century could not? Trump’s illustrious promises to save the coal mining industry was how. Trump’s promises to save the coal mining industry typify the election as well as his supporters better… Keep Reading

Donald Trump Fiddles, While the Republican Party Burns

When Donald Trump first came on the scene, I thought he was hilarious. The humor in his campaign was that he was so terrible, yet he had enormous support, sort of like Benny Hill. If you have ever seen the show, you watch it and think to yourself, who likes this stuff? Yet it is so popular. He was the first presidential candidate to actually gain support by disparaging enormous chunks of our population. Women,… Keep Reading

Democrat’s Plan to Fight Republicans May Shock Some

Democrats are really in a bind. They were badly defeated and do not have many strategies. As a result, Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, has a plan to focus on platforms where they agree with President Trump. I’m sure I lost a few democrats after reading that first paragraph. To imply that democrats will actually WORK with Trump seems blasphemous, even a little sacrilegious. But keep in mind, as much as we might despise Trump, our… Keep Reading

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