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Democrats, all the DNC needs to do is unleash junkyard dog Joe Biden.

Let me start this article by stressing that Democrats will not lose. I can’t quite say the same for Hillary though. If the Republican nominee was anyone else but The Donald, Hillary would be in lots of trouble. Here is the only topic The Donald and I agree on, we both “love the poorly educated”. Had it not been for those “poorly educated”, there would be another, more formidable Republican nominee, say Jeb Bush or… Keep Reading

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If Only Hillary could Destroy the Republican Party as Splendidly as The Donald does

Donald Trump has succeeded where Hillary and Bill and Obama have failed. He has destroyed the Republican party. The GOP tried (but failed) to dethrone their golden idol. Remember, a few weeks ago, the GOP wanted to replace Trump as their presidential nominee. But when Trump threatened to never contribute to the GOP again, the GOP sort of retreated beneath that mossy rock they came from! He has taken the GOP hostage. They have no… Keep Reading

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The Ballad of the Alt Right

For much of Trump’s campaign, there was no name given to his loyal fan base. At first, they were called Republicans. What else do you call people at a Republican rally? As the weeks went by however, and these crowd intensified, a stark difference was noticed between these crowds and those at your typical Junior or McCain or Jeb rallies. These crowds were angry. No. They were furious. And they were racist. Anti-intellectual is a… Keep Reading

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Trump Killed the Republican Star

During the primaries, Trump’s kids unfortunately couldn’t vote for their dad because all of them were registered as Democrats. Even The Donald has spent most of his life registered as a Democrat. So then why, when The Donald ran for president, would he run as a Republican? An even more perplexing enigma is why would Republican voters support him in droves? What do they see in him? Is it the class action fraud case he… Keep Reading

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Is it Possible for Trump to Win Despite his Deplorable Minority Polling?

Trump has recently started trying to improve his relationship with minorities. Although his entire campaign has been based on kicking minorities out of the country, and breaking up minority families, Trump thinks he could win their favor. Perhaps he really thinks he could persuade them to like him. He must not think that Hispanics and blacks are very smart. The past two weeks, Trump has focused on his minority out reach. Today, he is talking… Keep Reading

Hillary Claims Her Foundation Made HIV Drugs More Affordable for 9 Million People – Is she Right?

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on June 8, Hillary Clinton claimed, “I’m proud of the work that it has done. Nine million people have lower-cost HIV/AIDS medicine because of the work of the Clinton Foundation and my husband. We have women across the country, from Latin America and Africa — across the world, I mean — getting good jobs, and being able to support themselves for the first time.” Is this true? The Clinton… Keep Reading

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According to The Donald, Everyone Besides him, Should Hire Americans

Trump’s celestial rise started when he vowed to kick out all of them illegals. To his uneducated supporters at the time, that oath was music to their ears. As soon as they heard him say that, they were sold. As a result, Trump proved that if you are trying to gain the votes of the uneducated, you do not need substance, all you need is some funny jokes and a pretty picture (a hot wife… Keep Reading

Why One of the Nation’s Largest Private Immigration Detention Firms Gave Trump Fundraising Group $45K

While America represents only 4.4% of the world’s population, it imprisons 22% of the world’s prisoners. The only people to benefit from this tragic and shameful statistic are detention firms. These firms and Republican politicians have a slick back and forth game going. The detention firms give Republican politicians, like Trump, phat donations, while these Republican politicians keep pushing their legislation that ensures lots of Americans will go to jail. Disgusting…. Weeks before the Justice… Keep Reading

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Trump Will Not Destroy Her

Let’s pretend that Trump really thinks he could get Mexico to pay for this wall. Let’s also pretend that he really believes there will be a force of people larger than any army, that will search out every illegal in the country. These visions are so impractical and fantastic, that even Donald Trump has doubted their implementation. And the money that it would cost to build this Great Wall of Mexico and to hire a… Keep Reading

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Trump Calls Hillary a Bigot – Proof that Trump Doesn’t Think Minorities are Very Smart

The other day Trump decided to focus on the minority voters. He called Hillary a bigot. With that comment, he said that minorities and their parents and their grand parents have had it wrong. Despite roughly 90% or more of blacks voting democratic in every election for the past fifty years, they are wrong and The Donald is right. According to Trump, this loyal devotion has been misguided. According to Trump, these minorities have been bamboozled… Keep Reading

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