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The Only Thing Trump Self-Funds is His Ego

Two days ago, there was this neat article on Huffpost titled, ‘Why I Support Donald Trump as a Conservative Millennial of Color’. My interest was certainly peaked. So I read it. Some of her reasons include his policies, his message, his tax reform plan, and lastly, she was really impressed with how Trump self funds his own campaign. I am also impressed with the fact that Trump is self funding his campaign. He is not… Keep Reading

Hispanics and Muslims, Remember Those Who Endorse Trump are Endorsing His Comments About You

What does that say about the Republican party, when it endorses a figure who speaks such racial hatred about minorities? If you are bothered by what The Donald says about other human beings, then just look the other way and don’t support him. But what happens when the entire Republican party gets behind that same divisive nominee! If you are a Muslim or a Hispanic, what does that say about how Republicans feel about you… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

If you Could Ask Trump one Question, What Would it be?

Imagine you ran into Trump in an elevator, and you had the possibility to ask him any question. What would it be? Just a few floors, so it could only be one question. Considering I lost several hours sleep last night puzzling over this, I think I have become an authority. There are so many huge question marks hovering over his life and so many shady aspects, it is difficult to focus on one. I’ll… Keep Reading

Trump Plans on Using Same Trickle Down Snake Oil That Destroyed Kansas

  Besides abortions and drug legalization, issues Republicans are accused of using to distract their voters, there is one platform that every Republican screams from the mountain top: “LESS TAXES!!!!!!!” Donald Trump, like every republican politician, touts his trickle down plans: small government, low taxes and privatization of social programs. In a parallel universe, trickle down economics are effective. This is why Republicans have been insisting on this economic strategy for about thirty years. In… Keep Reading

Top Selling Magazine in the Country Just a Voice for the Conservative

In 2001, I scored a sweet internship with the “National Enquirer”. At first, I was given the usual mundane intern chores, like getting people coffee and photocopying things. A week into it, I started writing columns and articles. It was really my dream job. I kept pestering the editors to allow me to interview Jenna Jameson or Gary Coleman, but they declined. Tips to the “National Enquirer” filter through the secretary. If you spotted Burt… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

Does Anyone like Donald Trump?

Trust me. A storm is brewing inside this cool cat now. She’ll gradually break down and you’ll see what’s behind the clouds Mahbod Seraji, Rooftops of Tehran The fractured republican appears to be nearing towards an explosion. The wick is nearly up. Donald Trump was certainly the one to light it, but by the time the bomb explodes he’ll be sitting pretty in his palatial loft on top of Trump Tower. The republican voter will… Keep Reading

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