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Introduction: An Analysis of Trump’s Biggest Campaign Lies – The Reasons he got Elected

Ever since Trump’s first campaign speech, when he vowed to build a wall and kick out all of those Hispanics and Muslims, I kept writing articles about how unlikely it was that such promises would ever happen. Trump has already failed to deliver on all of the promises that he made. This is the first article of a series, discussing each of those promises. He appealed to those that are angry. Trump supporters are angry… Keep Reading

Taxes, Here’s How we Figure out if Trump was the one to Give Them

Trump’s taxes were released. Unfortunately, they are not as enlightening as one would assume. In fact, the two mere pages of his taxes from 12 years ago, only make his skeptics more skeptical, and his supporters more supportive. The taxes prove that Trump is (or was) that millionaire he claimed to be during the campaign. They also prove that he has paid taxes. On the other hand though, the minuscule fragment of his entire tax portfolio… Keep Reading

I Thought no one Would be Uncovered Under Trumpcare, the CBO says 52 Million Americans Will be

Gradually, republicans, led by Paul Ryan, are starting to show their true colors. Once upon a time, republicans masked their robbery. They used to call it “trickle-down” or “supply side”. There are a trillion ways to do it, but only one way to make him happy. Lower his taxes. Now with Trumpcare, they admit the legislation does exactly what it was designed to do, steal as much money from America and hand it to the… Keep Reading

A Trump University Victim Will not Stop Fighting Until Donald Trump Admits his Crime

Hillary led a terrible campaign, as a result we get douched with Trump. It seemed that Hillary spoke about topics no one cared about, and didn’t speak about things that could have really damaged him. Take for example, the Trump University scandal. Trump, our elected president, was the main defendant in a class action lawsuit the he scammed high school graduates and senior citizens out of a real estate education. Right after he won the… Keep Reading

How Can we Prevent Another Trump from Becoming President? Improve our Education

As if building a model train, Trump followed a carefully scripted book of instructions to become our president. Trump has demonstrated to the world how simple becoming president is. Our government will continue to be taken hostage by the loudest and wealthiest candidate every election, if not for education. If I asked you ‘what is wrong with our president’, I’m sure some of you could create a really long list. In conclusion, we need to… Keep Reading

Is the Spirit of Christ or the Devil Inside the Gun Waving, Abortion Hating, War Scheming Republican?

It seems the religious right only care about a gun, an abortion or a war. Everything else pales compared to those things. For decades, America considered these republicans pious and virtuous. What a difference an election makes. During the election, I wrote article after article about how dead the republican party was, and how Trump was the last nail in that decrepit coffin. But then he won. I was proven wrong. Or was I? Perhaps… Keep Reading

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Everyone Doubted it, but Trump is Actually Making America Great Again

  Everyone knows who their state and federal representatives are without having to google. Millions of Americans are exercising more. They’re holding signs and marching every week. Alec Baldwin is great again. Everyone has forgotten that he is kind of a jerk. The Postal Service is enjoying the influx cash due to stamps purchased by millions of people for letter and postcard campaigns. Likewise, the pharmaceutical industry is enjoying record growth in sales of antidepressants. Millions… Keep Reading

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Our President is Right, there was Voter Fraud, Except it was all Committed by Republicans

Trump’s claims of voter fraud are very indicative of the many neurosis’ swimming around that gigantic orange cranium of his. The morning after Trump’s sensational election victory, he shocked America by calling his win the YUGEST since the dawn of time. That comment apparently came out of Trump’s other head, the tiny one, because it was entirely false. It was uttered beneath that same juvenile instinct that might scream, ‘Nuh uh, I called it first’,… Keep Reading

Now that Trump Got all of Those Silly Campaign Promises Out of the Way, He Could Focus on the Important Stuff

People who don’t read Breitbart and dress up in white hoods and carry burning crosses, would agree that the first two weeks of Trump’s presidency have been terrifying. Among other things, he removed white supremacist groups from the FBI’s terror watch list. He offended some of America’s greatest allies, like Australia and Mexico. He commenced implementation of a ban on Middle Eastern people entering our country. Trump insinuated during the campaign, that he would be… Keep Reading


Don’t Fret Democrats, Trump is an Outsider and Will be the Final Nail in that Republican Coffin

With inauguration a day away, things look bad for Democrats, Americans and humans alike. However, Democrats should remember, Donald Trump’s erratic governance could very well be the final nail in the Republican coffin. Perhaps such a rosy notion will turn that frown upside down. Republicans shouldn’t celebrate Trump’s victory too much. After all, his strongest campaign point (and also his only campaign point) was that he was an outsider. Republicans did not do very well.… Keep Reading

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