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This is Why Donors Shouldn’t Waste Another Penny on Trump’s Campaign

I remember when I was a freshman in high school, I ran for class secretary. I learned that it is more fun to write about politics than actually engage in it. I lost big time to the star basketball player. Over dinner, my family helped me out with my speech. They suggested different platforms I should promote. I like to think that I lost to my opponent’s popularity. What else do high school freshmen weigh… Keep Reading

Trump’s One Lie Masks the Lopsided Foundation of the Entire Republican Party

Whose the “world class liar”? The Donald responded to Hillary’s speech today with another speech of his own. Although this one contained so many inaccuracies, the only people who liked it must have been either YUGE Trump supporters or they aren’t playing with a full deck. An unbiased level headed brain would be unable to tolerate a speech containing lie after lie after lie. Nonetheless, by a presidential nominee! Out of this barrage of lies… Keep Reading

BREAKING NEWS, Bernie: “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee.”

What a long strange trip it’s been. On that note, it seems that Bernie is throwing in the towel. On Wednesday, he declared in C-SPAN interview, not yet aired, “It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee.” Hillary and Bernie battled to the end. As predicted long ago, California would be the El Dorado in this gunslinger duel. Sanders’ supporters were certain that he would win, Hillary supporters thought she would win. A… Keep Reading

Bernie Supporters, Gary Johnson Wants Your Vote

  I know there are a lot of Bernie supporters who refuse to acknowledge the end. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson wants all Bernie supporters to flock over to his camp. Not yet, G-man. Bernie hasn’t “officially” ended his campaign, so the “bern” keeps sizzling. As of now, Bernie is sort of like that old guy in the park, endlessly tossing handfuls of seeds to the birds. Bernie Sanders has said that his single goal is… Keep Reading

Polls Show the Direction of Bernie Supporters

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primaries. Bernie Sanders however, her opponent, has vowed to continue swinging until the party convention in July. At that event, the democratic nominee is official. Why the continued theatrics? God only knows. Some allege that Sanders’ team wants to remain a “force” in an attempt to get some sweet concessions, like his $15 minimum wage. If Sanders was to hop out of the race immediately, his loyal supporters would feel… Keep Reading


Next President Could Possibly Pick Three Supreme Court Judges

Justice Clarence Thomas is considering retirement after this presidential election. Apparently, he has wanted to retire, but has been holding out in hopes of leaving under a Republican president. If a Democrat wins however, Justice Clarence Thomas plans on throwing in the towel and flipping his seat. If Hillary wins she will flip two seats from red to blue. Giving liberals an impressive 6-3 majority.   When Justice Scalia died last February, Republican strategy was… Keep Reading

Trump Calls for Muslim Profiling

This morning, Donald Trump expressed his willingness to start profiling Muslim citizens, in an attempt to fight terrorism.   We really have to look at profiling,” Trump said on Face the Nation. “It’s not the worst thing to do.”   Trump asserted that he hates the idea of profiling, “but we have to use common sense.”   Trump has certainly gained popularity through his aggresive Muslim attack. During his campaign, the two terrorist attacks that… Keep Reading

Why is The Donald Really Running for President?

I think the question of the year is ‘Why is Donald Trump Running For President’. Most of his supporters will quickly answer, ‘To make America great again’. This will be the first reason as to why Trump is running that I will knock down. Clearly, it is the easiest one to refute. I don’t like that response because it is so ambiguous and it doesn’t make any sense. After broadcasting his platforms to kick Hispanics… Keep Reading

Another Reason Why Republicans Should be Scared

Another poll and another reason that Republicans should be petrified about November, should circumstances remain as they are. There is no question that Hillary has the minority vote, the woman vote, and the youth vote. That leaves white males in The Donald’s hands. However, recent polling shows Hillary narrowing Trump’s lead with white and male voters from double digits in last week’s poll to single digits in this week’s poll.   Last week was quite… Keep Reading

This is Why Republicans Should be Very Very Scared

In 2012, the republican nominee did best in Utah. Utah is considered a safe haven for republicans. This has nothing to do with Donny and Marie. Rather, the predominant cluster of Mormons living in Utah, ensure that the state always swings to the right. The Pew Research Center labeled the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the most pro-Republican group. 70% of LDS members prefer republican with 11% opting for the democrat. The… Keep Reading

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