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The Tangled Web of Republican Hypocrisy

Few things in the world, this side of Booby Trap, excite me as much as Republican hypocrisy. How better to prove my point, than to reveal the person that I am arguing with, lives their life contrary to their principles. In the same vein, most Republican hypocrisy stems from their perceived righteousness. The politician stumbles into that old church, somewhere in the middle of the country, the pews filled with their loyal subjects. The politician’s sweaty… Keep Reading

Why Bernie Sanders will not endorse Hillary Clinton tomorrow

Mainstream media is speculating that Bernie will endorse Hillary Clinton tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow July 12, 2016 Bernie Sanders will abandon everything he’s ever believed in, everything he’s ever fought for and endorse an active opponent who blatantly participated in suppressing the voices of his supporters. I think not. He is working within the confines of a system he is actively trying to change. A system he has spent decades pushing to adopt a saner, more… Keep Reading

Donald Trump/Election

Trump Campaign Just A Scheme to Pay Trump Insider’s With Trump Donations

One of the YUGEST questions this election season has been why The Donald is running. After promising to ban members of one of the world’s largest religions from entering the country, and then threatening to deport all Hispanics, sensible minds must question if The Donald is really trying to win. Finally, we learn that it could be nothing more than the old robbing Peter to pay Paul scheme. According to a CNBC report, upon analyzing… Keep Reading

No Charges Against Hillary Thus, We Bid Bernie Supporters Goodnight

The FBI finally declared, no charges against Hillary. With that statement, the final nail in Bernie’s campaign’s coffin is hammered in. Bernie’s last chance was that he might have a chance, if Hillary got locked up. For what, I couldn’t tell you. Hope is blind and vague, the same adjectives I would use to describe Bernie’s last minute desperation pleas. Like Republicans, Bernie supporters know how to protest. Now that the curtain draws for Bernie’s final… Keep Reading

Obama and Fox News are the Greatest Weapons Against Trump

Obama’s approval rating is nearly as high as it has ever been. In fact, the only time when it was higher was right after he caught Osama Bin Liden. This is great news for Obama. But more noteworthy, is how terrible this news is for The Donald. A president nearing the end of his TWO TERM candidacy with approval ratings as high as his, is indicative of how good a job he has done. However,… Keep Reading

Hillary Endorses Bernie’s Public Option

Unquestionably, Bernie’s ideas have shaped Hillary. The support that Bernie has amassed has caused Hillary to shift further to the left on some of her issues, such as healthcare. Obamacare was arguably Obama’s greatest achievement. As a result, this was Republican’s biggest sore spot. Regardless, if it grants millions of Americans affordable healthcare, Republicans were bent on repealing it, because it was called Obamacare. Republicans have tried a trillion times to repeal Obamacare. Now, they… Keep Reading

Rage Against the Dying of the Light

Back home, my family sure gets an earful about me being a loyal Bernie supporter. “Since when did your sister start working for Bernie Sanders?” Or, “Why is your sister so angry?” Or, “Hillary is not that bad, why doesn’t Astra like her?” My family can’t theorize what I am thinking and how I would answer these questions. So hopefully, this brief editorial will put to rest all political speculation concerning my Sanders’ support. I… Keep Reading

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Trump Used Charity Money to buy a Tim Tebow Signed Helmet…for Himself

A few times a day, Donald Trump reiterates these juicy Hillary scandals, that he reads in his copy of Clinton Cash, a 2015 bestseller. For example, at a recent rally rant, he accused Hillary of being paid to approve a Russian uranium deal. His crowd ate that one up. Just to think that a president nominee’s approval of nuclear weapon ingredients could be attained with money is frightening. If true, who in their right mind would vote… Keep Reading

Criminal Bribery Charges Filed Against Trump

A few weeks ago I wrote about one of the many Trump scandals that I was shocked never made much of an appearance on the “liberal media”. It was about Trump University and the many lawsuits alleging that Donald Trump defrauded high school graduates looking to pursue an education. Lured by the name Trump, they signed up. Trump University turned out to be nothing more than a fraud. Countless prospective students got their bank accounts… Keep Reading

Lots of Bernie Supporters Are Republican – They won’t Vote for Hillary Regardless, So F ’em

Democrats, don’t be frightened about all the stubborn Bernie supporters who keep insisting that they won’t vote for Hillary. My guess is that those voters are actually Republicans. They wanted Bernie, because he is a lightweight opponent compared to heavyweight Hillary. They wouldn’t vote for Hillary even if she was running against Vanilla Ice. If people really love Bernie’s platforms, the only plausible way that Hillary will carry them on, is if Bernie supporters go… Keep Reading

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