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Elizabeth Warren

My Journey With Bernie Sanders

I’ll start at the end… Hundreds of bedraggled, beautiful, tired, disappointed people waiting in the hot subway station late in the evening. We are craning our necks and squinting our eyes into the darkness of an endless tunnel, searching for the light. There are so many people, but we are all really just one. Berners of every size, shape and color – young and old, fit and crippled, straight and gay. Some have tattoos with… Keep Reading

Another Reason Why Republicans Should be Scared

Another poll and another reason that Republicans should be petrified about November, should circumstances remain as they are. There is no question that Hillary has the minority vote, the woman vote, and the youth vote. That leaves white males in The Donald’s hands. However, recent polling shows Hillary narrowing Trump’s lead with white and male voters from double digits in last week’s poll to single digits in this week’s poll.   Last week was quite… Keep Reading

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