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Trump’s Budget Reduces Funding For Housing Programs for the Poor, Excluding a Subsidy Paid to Certain Landlords, Like Himself

Starrett City is the nation’s largest subsidized housing complex. It sits close to New York’s JFK Airport. The complex reels in a lot of money. Trump has called Starrett City “one of the best investments I ever made.” Except, it was actually Trump’s pop who made the investment, according to a representative of Starrett City. The Donald’s investments, like Trump University, didn’t do quite as well. In Trump’s budget, he viciously slashes federal housing subsidies for… Keep Reading

70% of Trump Real Estate has Sold to LLCs in the Past Year, According to USA Today,

LLCs are buying up Trump properties like hotcakes. Why? During the campaign, Trump brushed aside all concerns about conflicts of interests. Never before have we had a president with such a far reaching empire of hotels and properties. In fact, his empire is so enormous, that it is impossible to determine every private company that he may have some financial linkage to. In regards to his properties, during the campaign, his opponents remarked how easy… Keep Reading

In Violation of Constitution, President Trump Applies for 38 Chinese Business Trademarks

In violation of the US Constitution, President Trump is starting to get his Chinese trademarks approved. By now, President Trump must feel that he is way above the law. He didn’t need to show his taxes, it didn’t matter that he was the defendant in a massive fraud class action suit, it didn’t matter that he violated both the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act as well as a law that prevents interference with federal employees for… Keep Reading

Thank you President-Elect for Proving Democrats Were Right About You

Every day our president-elect does something more outrageous than the previous. Just yesterday, he refused to use a blind trust for his global empire. He tried to trick everyone and said he had a great plan, but would only reveal it after he was elected. What’s next? Is there a bridge in China he wants to sell us? Basically, he is just thumbing his nose at all of his uneducated loyal supporters, proving them all… Keep Reading

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Trump Supporters Should be Wanting Trump to Separate State from his Business

During the campaign, no matter what Trump did, his supporters flocked to him in droves. No one cared when he called Mexican rapists, or when he was charged with sexual assault, or even when he was charged with defrauding hundreds of high school graduates. He could have shot someone on Fifth Avenue, and they would still be standing outside of his rallies at four in the morning, trying to get a good seat. Even the… Keep Reading

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