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Let’s Persecute Trump’s Family Including Melania the Porn Actress, Ivanka the Ugly Duckling, Jared the Russian Spy and Eric the Dimwit as Viciously as they did Obama and Bill’s Family

During every democratic president of my lifetime, republicans always attack the president’s family. Now that Donald Trump is in office, a very painful reality is beginning to settle in. The irony in this republican rabid rage is how cool they are with Trump and his family doing the exact same things they smeared the democratic president’s family for doing. Trump is actually much worse than any of their delirious accusations. Trump is violating several clauses… Keep Reading

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You Just Paid For a Getaway Vacation For Trump’s Son to Go to Uruguay

Immediate family members of presidents have been protected by taxpayer funded Secret Service for decades. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton authorized Secret Service to even protect their kids for a while after they left office. But what happens when me and you have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect Trump’s kids as they dance the night away in some ultra exclusive beach front hotel in Uruguay. Bet your bottom dollar… Keep Reading

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Eric Trump Foundation Funnels Money From Cancer Hospital to His Family

An article in the New York Times written yesterday, Trump’s Son, Fearing ‘Quagmire,’ to Stop Soliciting for Charity, really made me question my journalistic integrity. My articles have not been very nice to Eric Trump and his “foundation”. I was convinced that the Trump clan was a group of two-bit hustlers. However, according to the article, For Mr. Trump, 32, charitable work has long been a point of pride, and in a statement issued to The… Keep Reading

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Trump Family Caught in Same Pay-for-Play Scheme they Accused Clinton of

Do you remember the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play accusations? Trump accused the Clinton Foundation of taking huge amounts of money just to have meet and greets. According to the accusations, Hillary would put a steep price on meeting with some wealthy foreigner. Now, the Trump family is committing the same exact baseless scheme. There are some key differences though. The Clinton Foundation is one of the largest most charitable organizations in the world. They donate their… Keep Reading

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Eric Trump is Proof that Money Does not Make One Intelligent

To all those parents debating on whether or not a college education will make their dopey child a rocket scientist, I present exhibit A, Eric Trump. Federal authorities are considering charges against Eric Trump for a stupid violation regarding the elections. The first thing you learn about voting, right when you step off that boat, is not to show your vote to anyone. Such an action violates every single election law. Seriously, this question could… Keep Reading

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