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Republicans Deliver Another Smashing Victory for Business Owners, While Douching Everyone Else

Trump built his campaign around the middle class. He promised them the moon. However, all they got were lumps of coal in their stockings. Judging by the most recent republican legislation, life is about to get much tougher for the same working class that supported Trump. Republicans just passed a measure that will certainly anger every member of the working class. Two days ago, republicans passed a measure that will allow employers to give workers… Keep Reading

Why do Democrats Victories Only Come From Republican Failures?

The democrats are the party of defense. Their greatest victories are never their own concoctions, but rather from the failures of their opposition. Perhaps the democrats are forced to adopt this strategy of ineffectiveness. Remember, republicans are the party of money. Who do you think will win, the guy that represents a million people in poverty or the one who represents a hundred millionaires? Money talks, especially when it concerns legislation that might take some of… Keep Reading

What Came First, Donald Trump or Fake News – Here’s Why Republicans Love Fake News So Much

Most of the things Trump does, don’t look so presidential when reported in the media. Trump’s defensive strategy against these claims is to wedge his fat fingers in his ears, and just call the headlines ‘fake news’. Yes, it is a very juvenile strategy, but it is working perfectly! Whether it be making up wiretapping fantasies about a previous president, his pitiful golf games, his abysmal polling numbers, everyday it seems the newspaper is tearing… Keep Reading

Protests to Keep Obamacare are Almost as Bad as the Protests that Erupted When Obamacare was Implemented

There was at least one protest in every major city across the country last week. The protests are so threatening that earlier this month, House Republicans began devising methods to best protect themselves and their families, The Hill article. America is furious that Donald Trump is taking away the first reliable healthcare system we have had in our lifetime. To watch a government remove healthcare for its citizens is very sad. Considering that we had… Keep Reading

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We are at War with the Press: If you Have Nothing Good to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

There is a new army gathering at our shores. According to our president, this entity is the true “enemy of the American people.” Not terrorists, not pollution, not technological warfare, but our president tell us to fear the press. According to a Fox News Poll, it is working. More Americans trust Donald Trump than the news media. Let us examine that statement. I feel it says a lot more about the intelligence of Americans than it… Keep Reading

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O’Reilly Replies to Putin….and Tries Selling a Book Title While he’s Doing it

Earlier today, the Kremlin demanded an apology from Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly, after he said some offensive remarks about Russian President Putin. Bill O’Reilly is no different from President Trump, all republicans are always thirsting for the biggest ratings. Why else did Trump want his Supreme Court Justice nomination announced “during prime-time”? Therefore, Bill said he’d give the apology, but it would be during his show.   During The O’Reilly Factor tonight, Bill came… Keep Reading

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What is the Role of Fox Second Largest Stake Holder Prince Alwaleed bib Talal?

Fox News’ second biggest shareholder, right after Rupert Murdoch, is Prince Alwaleed bib Talal, Politifact article. This was the same prince that got into a vicious Twitter war with Donald Trump during the elections. As a result, the intricate relationships here are weirder than an episode of General Hospital. Lemme try to recap the past few episodes…. The Saudi billionaire prince loans Trump some money when he was in a fix back in the nineties.… Keep Reading

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CNN, MSNBC and FOX Did Not Lie About Inaugural Day Crowd Size

According to Trump, the three major news networks tried to make his inaugural day crowd smaller than it was. As pathetic as this may sound, our president’s biggest enemy is the media. Not China, not ISIS, but MSNBC is what has President Trump up all night, tearing at his blonde and beautiful hair. President Trump was elected as a result of a long line of orchestrated lies. He convinced the voters that he was only… Keep Reading

Everyday the Connection between Trump, Putin and Assange Becomes More Apparent and More Scary

Hypothesis : Putin placed a spy in the White House with the help of Assange. There is no denying that a weird relationship exists between known American spy fugitive Julian Assange, American president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Proof of this bizarre claim is illustrated in the intel that Assange’s hacks reveal and don’t reveal. From his Ecuadorean Embassy in London, Assange offered visions of an America that isn’t the America I know.… Keep Reading

Now Julian Assange is Claiming the Obama Administration is Trying to Delegitimize Trump

There is no denying that Wikileaks was a huge factor in Hillary’s defeat. The fact alone, that the email’s were released slowly, week by week, word by word, demonstrated the magnitude of the campaign behind it. Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, was trying to capitalize on the damage he had on Hillary. The above graph shows just how many people were interested in Assange and his emporium of Hillary mud slinging, during the months just… Keep Reading

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